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Are Psychic Powers a Fringe Benefit of Meditation?

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Buddha meditating and increasing psychic powers


Remember when you were a child and would come upset from school and your Mom or Dad immediately knew something was wrong and would manage to get the truth out of you? Didn’t you think they were psychic? I did.

Let’s look at it from your experience now.

Ever been in a situation where you meet someone and instinctively take an instant dislike to them? It could be that your auras are vibrating at different frequencies.  

But what if you do not trust them, your instant gut feeling is to move away from them and yet you decide to hang around only to have the subsequent chain of events prove that your first impression was right?


Are you psychic or possess highly powerful intuition?


Well folks, those are examples of intuition which can be enhanced through the practice of meditation.

Believe it or not, but we are all intuitive, some of us more than others. This comparative divide can be reduced by practicing the art of meditation which heightens the dormant extra sensory perception or ESP.

Intuition is a psychic power which when worked upon can also open other psychic faculties that we possess. It all comes down to how we perceive these latent gifts. For example, you can see things (clairvoyance), hear things (clairaudience), have gut feelings (clairsentience), just simply know things (psychic knowing) and even sense things through touch (psychometry).

A person may possess all of these latent gifts or just the one which the vehicle by which our intuition communicates with us. When one starts to work on one’s spiritual development, these gifts start to come to the fore.

The best way to develop intuition and open up channels for communication with the sub-conscious mind is through daily meditation. The activity of meditation even if for 5 minutes a day also helps to reduce stress even if you are not looking to develop your psychic gifts.

The fringe benefit of meditation is that you would start to notice things that you did not earlier and find coincidences taking place more frequently than before. You might meet people whom you have not met for a long time but were thinking of them shortly afterwards. How about thinking about finding a taxi at night and having one arrive where you are standing. The list goes on!

Intuitive ESP assists in getting direction from one’s God-Mind. Regular practice of meditation improves intuitive ESP and once it becomes a second nature, you can rely upon it when meeting new people, tuning into other people or seeking self-direction.

To maintain intuitive ESP at its peak functioning, daily practice of meditation is required. Meditation combined with prayer strengthens intuition.

This week, if you are not in the regular habit of meditating try it out for size using the suggested meditation methods in this blog post and see what happens. Make it more interesting by holding a purple Amethyst crystal, which is associated with the Third Eye Chakra in your right hand palm (the left hand palm under the right hand palm) and then, write in and tell me about your experience.

Have you ever felt that your intuition improves when you meditate or you suddenly find yourself blessed with a psychic power? I’d love read your comments about it!

PS. If you want a more practical approach to connect with your Higher or Inner Self then try the 3 methods in this post about connecting with your Inner Self. You’ll notice meditation features again!

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2 Responses to “Are Psychic Powers a Fringe Benefit of Meditation?”

  1. Farinaz Fereidani says:

    Thank you for your great help.would you please explain that why a piece of amethyst can help me in my right hand?it’s very strange.do you think that without it,the meditation would not be so benefit able?

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Welcome to The Karmic Ally Coaching Experience Blog, Farinaz. I suggested using the amethyst as it is a crystal associated with psychic development and protection. One can meditate without crystals too. It is a matter of personal choice. You can use any placement of hands during meditation – whether it is the right hand on top of the left hand or vice versa. I’ve covered hand positions, known as Mudras in my post http://karmicallycoaching.com/handy-tools-for-meditation-mudras/. You might like to check out that post too. Thanks for dropping by!

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