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Want solutions to the problems that keep you awake at night? That’s where Karmic Ally Coaching helps you create breakthroughs with customized radical and innovative solutions to issues that are keeping you stuck in a rut in the shortest time possible. Believe it or not, even high achievers hit roadblocks in their careers or on their journey to creating a business that expresses their Soul’s Vision and Purpose. Every transformation requires a willingness to accept change. Are you ready to embrace change? Find out with Karmic Ally Coaching's special quiz - Fearing Change or Confident to Win Challenges!

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Different people have different needs. Many times a person is aware of the need to have coaching but may not want to open up to a coach about their problems or may not be able to commit to a hourly or half hourly session of coaching calls or interactions.

Perhaps you are not quite ready to have a coach keep you accountable or feel that your life priorities do not allow you to make an investment in yourself.

In a 2013 Learning Survey, 61.9% of the participants responded that they preferred to study at their own pace. Of this percentage, 50% also stated that they would like to have access to a personal instructor during their learning process.

Interestingly, Karmic Ally Coaching has been offering this model since 2012!

Karmic Ally Coaching  believes in changing with the times and based on client and subscriber feedback has created Programs that meet the need of individuals who prefer to self-coach. Each Program can be completed in 7 days and then requires consistent action to produce greater results and is designed for self- paced learning.

These Programs can also be purchased by you as part of  your post coaching self-learning.


The Programs currently on offer are:

–        Developing Leadership Guide and Planner

–        Life Focus in 7 Days

–       Crack the Code to Your Professional Brand & Create an Awesome Online Presence

–       Job Hunt Toolkit

(Details can be seen by clicking the links)

More Programs and self-coaching solutions are being added so please do visit this page again!

The format is structured to ensure that each Module in a Program  will result in action plans and tips to immediately work on one key area that requires your focus. You will also understand interrelationship of the different aspects of your life and how these aspects can affect other areas.

Clear practical techniques are provided to be practiced by you on a consistent basis to help you to improve and feel better about yourself.

Supplementary reading material will be provided or suggested where required.

These Programs are affordable and created especially for professionals and self-employed persons who want to work at their own pace.


Karmic Ally Coaching Online Courses for Success

As of August 2016, we’ve started our Karmic Ally Coaching online courses at Teachable! Click on the image below to visit the school or on the links below to check out the available courses.


Karmic Ally Coaching School of Success



Current courses include

Emotional Intelligence – The Basics for Professional Success

Business Systems that encourage steady growth – Guaranteed!

5 Simple Steps to win your Time Management Challenge

Freedom from Procrastination

7 Simple Steps to a powerful Introduction – the most effective audience focused Elevator Speech

Unleash the Energy of Money

21 Day Clutter Challenge

How to Stop Procrastinating right now


Need solutions to more specific problems?

Click the links to be taken to the details and purchase.

Stress Management with Chakra Balancing Exercises 

Stress management with Chakra Balancing Exercises Guide

Click this link to learn more (opens a new window)

Ace the task of filling out Online Job Applications with this guide


Special Report for filling out online job applications

Click this link Here (opens a new window)


Ace Your Interview with Tips and Guidance that Works

Ace Your Interview 5 trickiest questions

Click Here for details


5 things you need to consider before jumping into business

Karmic Ally Coaching workbook on 5 things you need to consider before jumping into business

Click Here to Learn More


Monitor Your Brand with LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index

Click here to learn more about the guide or on the image below to purchase immediately


Monitor Your Brand with LinkedIn's Social Selling Index



Self-coaching Solutions on Kindle

In my quest to find solutions to challenges that you would like to solve in a self-coaching format, there are now 6 titles available on Kindle including an international bestselling  collaboration book . Please click the image below to go to my Author Page on Amazon ( a new window will open) title to learn more about the books.

Alternatively click here to open my website page on Kindle books. A new window will open for you to read the description of the book’s content and purchase.


Vatsala Shukla's author page on Amazon




Since Karmic Ally Coaching is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and access is granted to the product. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item on this site.

Please note all digital products are non-refundable once payment is processed. This digital product is yours forever. If you have any questions or concerns, ask in advance of purchase at vatsala(at)karmicallycoaching(dot)com.

Please remember to read the Privacy policy before making any purchases of products.

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What’s in it for you? You’ll start

  • Taking action with simplified solutions to your pressing problems
  • Feeling empowered as you realize your own capabilities
  • Working efficiently and effectively towards & achieving personal coaching goals that you set for yourself
  • Developing skills and abilities which can be used in the future to make further progress in different areas of life, whether personal or professional growth
  • Establishing a foundation for further self development
  • Cost effective as the Programs cost only a fraction of the amount of interactive coaching


In my experience, Vatsala is a very professional and dedicated coach, respecting the client’s natural pace, while at the same time seeking to maintain momentum and commitment in the coaching sessions.

Vatsala coached me for twelve weeks, and her action plan oriented approach has given me long term results. Each session was followed up with a written session recap and progress report from Vatsala, which was a big help and motivation to me in actually doing the actions we had talked about. Vatsala helped me to define both short term and long term goals, which is invaluable to me in keeping the right perspective in daily decisions at work and home. I recommend people to invest their time with Vatsala’s coaching – the benefits are tangible, immediate but also long lasting.

Vanita Hork, hired Vatsala as a Life and Career Coach

Vanita Hork
Email: Vatsala(at)karmicallycoaching(dot)com Phone:91 9818517664
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