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Do you really believe in your affirmations? Pinch yourself

Idea by George Hodan


Recently, a client of mine asked me why her affirmations were not working during creative visualization.  She had been doing all the steps diligently and yet was not getting the right results.  My immediate response was to ask if she really believed in what she was affirming and we decided to check using the Muscle Test.

The answer became clear. Her consciously believing in her affirmations was not being reflected in her sub-conscious thoughts; in other words – in-congruence.  We are now working on re-aligning the conscious and sub-conscious mind. If you are working on creatively visualizing your desires and not getting full results, you might want to try muscle testing for congruence.


Muscle Testing for limiting beliefs


Muscle Testing can be used in many ways and for many purposes but the focus today is on your beliefs.

If you hold a belief subconsciously then your muscular response will prove it. So let’s start.

First take 3 deep breaths and then join the thumb and index finger of your left hand together tightly, as if you are trying to pinch. Do the same for your right hand.  Now take the right hand and put these 2 joined fingers through the hole created by the left hand fingers. We are now in position to test your beliefs.

Suppose you are asserting that you are overweight.

State in a loud and firm voice – I AM overweight.

Now try to open the circle created by your left hand fingers by opening the right hand fingers.

If this belief is true, you will not be able to open the circle. If it is false; that is your subconscious mind does not believe it, you will be able to open the circle easily.

The muscle test is also a great way to connect with your intuition and find out what you should do or if you need to take heed of your gut feeling.

Re-framing limiting beliefs requires congruence between the conscious and sub-conscious mind. If you are working on your beliefs, this test is an easy way to check if your efforts are working or if further tweaking is required to produce the desired results.

Do try the muscle test and let me know if it worked for you.


PS. There is another way to connect with your intuition and that is using the Pendulum. Maybe that will work better for you? I recommend checking out Andrea Hess’s book Unlock Your Intuition. I’ve used it in the past to zero in on my personal development activities and it is a must read.





Idea by George Hodan

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