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How to shake yourself out of your rut for genuine Success


How to shake yourself out of your rut for genuine success


Outward success doesn’t necessarily mean that we have it all. What’s going on inside might be very different.

It’s like the time I completed my nth audit, had a very happy client who agreed to a fee raise which meant I met my KPI target and got a 25% pay raise but inside I thought, if I ever have to do another audit, I’ll throw up.

What used to give me satisfaction suddenly didn’t make sense. I’ve had clients tell me that they too have experienced the same feeling that has led them to query whether they want a job or career change.

Something has to give. The status quo is challenged.

At some point or the other, each one of us has felt that we are caught in a rut, cannot move forward and cannot move backwards.  There’s  a Hindi phrase for it – Trishanku’s Heaven.

A sense of claustrophobia sets in and is quite apparent to those around us from our behavior. The Law of Attraction tells us that “like attracts like”.

If we are despondent and view the world negatively, we will only attract more negativity sinking deeper into our rut.  Self help books and counseling may offer solutions but at the end of the day, it is up to us to get up, shake ourselves free of whatever is holding us back and have a go at getting what we want.


Step out of your comfort zone and shake things up a little to get rid of your inertia

Whether it is a slight tweak to our routine or a life changing decision, the best way to go about it is with baby steps. Stepping out of your comfort zone means you need to ensure that you sustain your commitment and energy levels not to mention drive to get things moving. Be comfortable in what you are doing, and as your confidence goes up, you will dare to go further and challenge yourself.


Do something new today  

Just shaking up your routine can create a ripple effect for you.  Again, it does not have to be earth shattering, why not make a change to your exercise routine or try out a new restaurant for Sunday lunch?

New activities bring new perspectives and a different view of the world, whether outside of or within you. You might just find the missing piece of the puzzle that will get you out of your rut.


Deal with your fears head on

Whether it is societal conditioning or a limiting belief that you hold about yourself or your abilities, sit down and analyze where the fear is coming from.

If you find yourself procrastinating, ask yourself, what is stopping you, what do you believe, what is the fear behind the belief?

Self challenge to step out and deal with the issue on hand. Ask yourself, what is the worst that can happen? Most probably not enough to stop you from stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something concrete to get out of the state of inertia.


Stand in the realm of possibility


Stop treating the situation like a problem to be solved

Most importantly, when faced with a situation, don’t think of it as a problem and get caught but as an opportunity for growth and change and a chance to challenge yourself to the limit. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Stand in the realm of possibility. See what happens when you step out of your comfort zone and make changes. Keep a journal for a week and note down on a daily basis


        In what ways were you open or closed to possibilities today?

        What triggered your being open or closed?

        What were the outcomes of your being open or closed?

        When you remained open, what impact did that have on your behavior and of those around you?

Take stock at the end of the week about the changes you noticed in yourself and your situation and celebrate the joys of stepping out of your comfort zone, getting out of your rut and walking into the sunshine.

Whenever you find yourself stuck in a rut or between a rock and a hard place, just look at your journal and the above 4 questions. Oh yes, and do come back and share your experiences. Knowledge shared is knowledge enhanced!


What definitive action will You take today?


Shaking yourself out of your rut means being open to change because every Hero Journey begins with a Call to Adventure.

How do you deal with it? Karmic Ally Coaching’s Quiz: Fearing Change or Confident to Win Challenges is your first step to freedom. Take the quiz today.

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I believe the world would be a better place if high achieving professionals accepted setbacks and challenges to their careers as Wake Up Calls to embark on a Journey where their empowered course correcting actions create a New World Order that encompasses achieving their career aspirations & potential with authentic life balance.

I work with driven, passionate, talented and ambitious professionals who’ve hit a speed breaker in their business or career create their desired breakthrough reclaiming control of their situation with customized strategies and tactics that deliver results.

When my clients first reach out to me, they are not in a very happy place, needing clarity about themselves, their desires, chosen vocation and what will give them peace of mind. They are drawn to me for the very reasons that I highlight in Who Is Karmic Ally Coaching.

Their professional problems are playing havoc with other areas of their life. They know they need to take radical steps to change the status quo but they also know they need support and accountability to get them their desired result.

I really get it, because I’ve experienced that dark night of the Soul. I know firsthand the outcome of getting lost in my work rationalizing decisions that were detrimental to other aspects of my life.

I’ve struggled with and won battles of stress management, corporate politics, life balance and career decisions to emerge in a place where I can confidently say that I live my desired life according to my personal Manifesto and have created a business that provides me with a platform for my desired lifestyle and self-expression for myself. I want that for you too!

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