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How to benefit from Creative Visualization when you need to resolve a crisis

How to benefit from creative visualization during crisis management


Remember the times when you really need the Universe to step in and get you out of soup and you start chanting mantras and affirmations like they are going out of style– literally?

But Law of Attraction and Creative Visualization doesn’t work that way, you know.

You need to take the right action along with any mantra or affirmation that you might be using.

There’s a lot more going on in the background and you have to get it right.

One of the best ways to describe this process of tapping into the Universe for Divine Support is by sharing a true story and how each step in the process is vital for success.


How I banished Technology Gremlins with a spot of Creative Visualization


A fortnight ago, what should have been a simple Windows 10 security upgrade turned my world upside down bringing a halt to a lot of work I was doing for a full  week while I sorted out the mess.

The upgrade started on its own on Sunday morning and by the time it was done, so was my internet connection – I couldn’t access the internet. The internet service provider couldn’t do much about it and my IT guy happened to be on a long weekend vacation with his family so I had to wait for his return.

In the meantime I discovered to my horror that my service provider didn’t support Windows 10 and apparently I got lucky last year that my connection had been working!

The situation is best described by this quote from Joseph Campbell.


Joseph Campbell quote on computers


Then when my IT guy returned, he found out from Microsoft that their upgrade isn’t supported on my 3 year old Lenovo ThinkPad Edge but sold him a patch to resolve the issue. The patch worked until the next security upgrade 4 hours later and then I was back to square one.

To cut a long story short, I’ve signed up now with a new internet service provider at a much better deal. I had to junk my beloved Lenovo and invest in a new HP Notepad. I’m back online with a lovely new laptop having spent hours setting it up for my specific needs.

So where does Creative Visualization come into the picture?

Well, by Tuesday night I began visualizing I had a working laptop as if visualization was going out of fashion.

That manifested on Wednesday when my IT guy looked at an older laptop that I wanted to reformat and junk. Unexpectedly he asked for permission to have a shot at reviving it with Windows 7 while we worked out the Windows 10 issue.

His confidence could be gauged by the fact that he gave me a cost estimate and guaranteed that if I wasn’t happy, he would not charge me for it. I agreed and the next day, I had a backup laptop with internet access.

The Lenovo issue hadn’t been resolved so I did more Creative Visualization but this time, I added a phrase about the Lenovo or something better manifesting and a stress management technique to keep me calm.

By Thursday evening, Microsoft informed my IT guy that there were more updates coming and I would need to buy patches each time. They couldn’t guarantee the patches would work after each upgrade.

I decided to purchase a new laptop and I actually got something better. For starters, the exchange value was good and I have lifetime access to Windows 10 with a free upgrade for the next version. The speed processor is faster and I’ve got tons of preinstalled software that are normally paid add-ons.

The exchange value of my trusted Lenovo covered the cost of the backup laptop.

There were 2 more updates within 48 hours of my purchase and I shudder to think how many patches I would have purchased not to mention the new upgrade that is about to take place.

The Windows 10 update has cost me lots of money but when I sit down and calculate the value of benefits, I’ve manifested something much better.

Here’s how I did it. And so can you.


Creative Visualization in times of Crisis Management


5 Step process to get results from Creative Visualization


Step 1: Center yourself and calm the mind

This was hard because normally meditation works but not this time!

In fact, depending upon the situation and your starting point, centering techniques that work in 1 situation may not be suitable in another situation.

The alternative I came up with was to first ground myself by strengthening my Root Chakra for a few minutes using my feet. The technique is described in my post on using our feet for executive presence.

Then when I felt stronger, I did a few minutes of Pranayam using the alternative nostril breathing method. That certainly helped to balance both sides of my brain and I was able to relax enough to begin the second step.

Karmically side note: Studies have shown that Pranayam benefits the brain and you might like to read this article by Dr Anil K Rajvanshi in the Indian edition of Huffington Post.

How Pranayam Benefits the Brain by Dr Anil K Rajvanshi


Step 2: Focus on your goal or desire and visualize it

In this step, use the power of your imagination to create a picture of what you want as clearly and precisely as possible. Imagine that you already have your goal adding details that are important to you.

Visualization is the skill or ability to imagine things. The good news is that because it is a skill, it can be learned and perfected with practice.

Adeptness in its usage is important if you are planning to practice Creative Visualization, Law of Attraction or learn self-Hypnosis

This skill involves creativity and imagination. We have a lot of the latter as children but somehow use it for negative thinking or the worst case scenarios as adults.

Here’s a simple technique for practice using a chocolate cupcake.




In my case, I kept visualizing that I had a working laptop and that happened although it was a different laptop that started working. So I had to do more work with my visualization.  That happened in the third step.


Step 3 Declare your desire to the Universe

Once you have your objective visual in front of you, it’s time to use positive affirmative statements about it. This can be done silently or aloud – your choice.

The affirmations should be strong, positive and stated in the present tense, as if it has already happened.

If you feel resistance or the logical mind takes over, consider reframing the affirmation to start with “I am in the process of creating (the result you want)”.

This exercise should be repeated often or whenever you think about it.


Step 4 Make room for the Universe to deliver a better solution

This is the step that works magic and which I missed at the beginning because I was completely focused on the Lenovo working again and faced with an issue that didn’t appear to have a solution that my logical mind wanted.

It requires letting go of the outcome and trusting that things are going to work out. As Doreen Virtue mentions in Angels of Abundance, stop wondering about the How part and focus on what you desire.

The statement I love best is from Shakti Gawain because it creates space for something different or even better that is good not only for us but for everyone involved.


This or something better now manifests for me in totally satisfying and harmonious ways, for the highest good of all concerned


The minute I realized that my attachment to the Lenovo was creating a barrier to solving my problem, (it was a birthday gift I had given to myself a few years earlier and loved the laptop), I knew I had to let go in order to open up space for the Universe to really help me instead of manifesting patches for each update.

That’s when the magic happened.

It’s also during this step that we take action to help ourselves manifest the solution. Sometimes the options will be in front of us and sometimes we need to listen to our intuition and be guided by it.

Whichever way we receive ideas, take action and keep moving forward.

In my case, I realized that I had to accept the possibility of letting go of the Lenovo and exploring a new laptop.

As soon as I was ready, the Universe sent the right solution.

Interestingly, my IT guy decided to do some research on his own and found me the right new laptop that had all the features I needed with a retailer discount and an exchange value that paid for the backup laptop.

As far as the money part went, I remembered I had received a money gift for my birthday that I hadn’t touched because I was not sure what I wanted and that paid for the new laptop. It doesn’t get better!


Step 5 Acknowledge that the goal has been achieved and give gratitude

Quite often we forget this step but it is important to acknowledge that our desire has manifested or our goal has been achieved. Acknowledging the manifestation and being grateful raises our morale and energy and opens the door to even better things to come.

Even though my story has a happy ending after a harrowing 7 days, the real point when it comes to crisis management is to stay calm and focused while taking systematic action towards a resolution.

It also means trusting that a positive outcome is possible and if required, reach out to your Higher Self or the Universe for the much needed support while you take action on the earthly plane.

That’s what spiritually-minded professionals do – action and faith.

What about you? How do you get the momentum going in a crisis?


Resources mentioned in post:

These 2 books are a must buy if you want to combine practicality with metaphysics for problem solving without losing your cool.

Angels of Abundance by Doreen Virtue



Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain



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