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Jump Start Your Weight Loss (1 Simple Ayurveda Technique)


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If you have ever had a weight management problem, you will relate to the pain of seeing a static number on your weighing scale first thing in the morning. That is the time when out of desperation you try to jump start your weight loss with crash diets that are really Yo Yo diets to the detriment of your overall well-being.

In my view, it is depressing to try losing weight with zilch results.

You’ve done the sensible eating. You’ve gone down the starvation route. You’ve consumed every book on the subject.

You’ve been going to the gym so frequently that when you miss a day, the folks at the gym get worried and call to check.

You’ve had your medical check up and no inherent reasons have been determined for the inability to lose weight.

Nobody wants to go out with you for a meal or even a coffee because you have become a walking calorie counting machine.

While I endorse sensible eating and exercising according to your body type and getting medical checkups to rule out thyroid and sugar problems, there is one technique that is worth a try before you abandon ship.

Your metabolism may be the culprit


I faced this challenge way back in 2002 when everything I tried failed thanks to a sluggish metabolism courtesy my sedentary corporate lifestyle which even walking 4 dogs one at a time could not mobilize.

It relates to the Ayurvedic concepts of Ojas and Ama.

Imperfections in digestion are always present in people who have chronic weight problems.

According to Ayurveda, improper digestion leads to the build up of a product called Ama in our system. It is described as a sticky white substance that clogs the body channels and impedes normal body flow of blood, lymph and energy. This leads to lethargy, poor immunity, fatigue and fluctuations of mood.

On the other hand, the presence of Ojas helps to facilitate digestion and maintain vitality in the body. The higher the levels of Ojas, the better for us – we have higher energy levels, strength, stamina and a general sense of well-being.

1 Simple No Brainer Ayurveda Weight Loss Technique


This is a technique that I learned years ago and which I stand by since it has not only worked for me but for others is simply sipping hot water at frequent intervals during the day.

The water has to be very hot and a few sips at a time will help. Try to build it into a routine. So for example, if you take tea or coffee at particular times of the day, then just replace it with the hot water.

Remember, it is not important how much hot water you drink but how often you drink it.

Hippo weight loss tip from Vatsala Shukla

You might find yourself urinating more frequently but this levels out after a few weeks.

Apart from aiding with digestion and helping with weight reduction, I have noticed some other benefits as well. It assists in reducing water retention and the belly starts to flatten out. Energy levels rise and the skin gets a healthy glow. It works wonders as a stress resilience builder.

Another interesting benefit that I noticed was when a friend of mine was told that his cholesterol level was dangerously high and which was creating a problem for his heart.

My friend was averse to taking medication. I suggested he eat more greens and along with the diet changes and required exercise routine, try the hot water to humor me.

The happy ending was that the cholesterol came under control within 2 months. While it would have been the holistic approach, he affirmed that the hot water did the trick since he kept slipping off the diet and exercise programme.

So, just out of curiosity, why not try it out for a week, then come back and post your comments on your experience on my blog?


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