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Recognize that sometimes professionals require radical & innovative intervention to create breakthroughs in their careers & business with customized solutions. As your Karmic Ally Coach, I use my experience, intuitive skills & Signature System guiding you to fit the pieces of your unique puzzle to achieve your desired results with holistic transformation. Start your Journey to Success by downloading your special copy of Self Improvement Strategies- The Karmic Ally Way below.
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WHO Is Karmic Ally Coaching?

Karmic Ally Coaching is a business coaching and consulting practice founded and managed by Vatsala Shukla to guide professionals turned small business owners and consultants to create viable ventures. Vatsala also coaches careerists to chart their career path. Coaching services and programs are offered for  business and career, work life balance,  stress management, time management and the traditional life coaching. A client, who is committed to living their life fully, is not constrained by geographical location as the coaching delivery style is adapted to the client’s needs & circumstances.

These services are offered to professionals who require innovative intervention, to create breakthroughs ..

What is Coaching?

Everyone loves a definition. So let’s start with The Karmic Ally Coaching Experience one!

Coaching with the Karmic Ally Coach is a co-creative partnership that helps you to identify the key area(s) of concern at the time of the engagement and create a strategy and action plan to enable you to “Move Your Cheese” from Point A to Point B in a faster, better and smarter manner. The process of self-discovery leads to a holistic transformation resulting in an improvement in the quality of the client’s personal and professional lives.

What do you get from
hiring me as your Coach?

You start experiencing changes and see results from the word Go for your efforts backed by your determination to succeed. I call myself The Karmic Ally Coach whose role in the coaching engagement is one of an architect who works with you to create your Success Blueprint, mentoring and guiding you towards success in achieving your goals. I function as a collaborator who walks with you on the path of your holistic transformational journey and cares about your success and progress long after the coaching engagement is completed.

At Karmic Ally Coaching, we don’t reinvent the wheel or tear down existing structures. Instead, we work on the premise that progress and success are possible by working on the Foundation Stones, reinforcing those that are solid, replacing the ones that don’t support anymore and then building unique structures that support your immediate goals and those that arise as you move forward.

HOW I Coach

I follow the Co-Creative Coaching Model where,in an environment of trust, non-judgment & openness, I guide my client to introspect, reflect & find their inner wisdom to create their own perfect solution. As a coach, I facilitate in the discovery and learning process. The structure of coaching in the main is flexible.

“Vatsala Shukla is an original, sincere and hard working coach who makes a great and successful effort in understanding and assisting the client in every step in the process. I can give her my best recommendation.”

Birte L, hired Vatsala as a Career Coach in 2011

Meet your coach

My mission is to help career professionals with drive and passion who who suddenly find themselves in a mid-career crisis or have lost sight of their original life aspiration to reclaim control of their careers and lives by reconnecting them to what they really want through a better understanding and more effective application of their unique strengths, abilities, passions and values. I guide my clients back to living a full life unapologetically using their new inspired and empowered perspective

I live my  life on my terms according to my Unapologetic Manifesto and encourage my clients to live by their personal Manifesto. But it wasn't always like that. 

I, like you am a corporate professional of over 25 years work experience who has struggled and won the battles of stress management, life balance and career nurturing to emerge in a place where I can confidently say that I live my desired.

When my clients first come to me, they are not in a very happy place and need clarity about themselves and their career. Many have life balance problems and I intuitively help to identify their real issues with exercises to still their mind and allow their inner feelings to emerge in a place of confidentiality and trust. I support their decisions to live their lives rather than one that is expected of them.

If you are an ambitious professional who strives to be at the top of your chosen profession but know that somewhere along the way, you have lost sight of what really makes your heart sing or suddenly find yourself overwhelmed and questioning yourself about your choices, then my journey to becoming the Karmic Ally Coach will sound familiar.  

I adhere to the Certified Coaches Alliance Code of Ethics and Standards. A copy is available on request.
1st place BCB 2012
Email: Vatsala(at)karmicallycoaching(dot)com Phone:91 9818517664
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