Unleash the Energy of Money in 2016

Unleash the Energy of Money in 2016

Has Money been a big issue for you in 2015?

If 2015 has been a year of ups and downs for you, then take heart that the coming year in numerology is a 9 year, which is considered to be the end of a cycle and it is time to leave old habits that no longer serve us behind and embrace new directions and beginnings in all areas of our life.

And that is what this call is all about! New beginnings with Money!

You are invited to listen to the replay of the teleclass– Unleash the Energy of Money in 2016.

In this short session we will look at how we can make money our friend and use its power in 2016 for our benefit.

During this short teaching teleclass, I will share with you 5 simple strategies that will help you give money the kind of attention it craves to do positive work for you. I will also give you 1 major money mindset tool to help you consciously change the way you look at money and get more control over it.

I’ve used these strategies myself at different times in my life and know that they are powerful.

This is what we’ll cover

  1. How to change your relationship with money
  2. Make your money affirmations really work
  3. Find money that is lying right under your nose (if you would only look at it!)
  4. Raise your money vibration with a simple action once a day
  5. Make your money meet your needs –even if it is just a dollar
  6. 2 money magnets that also raise your money vibrations
  7. The 1 money mindset tool that always works but no one talks about
  8. A step to get a grip on your finances


This replay is still available for free at my Teaching School. Click here to enroll in my school and sign up for it.  


Better still, there is another class replay on 3 important actions you need to manage your money. This one was part of our celebrations for Financial Literacy month in April 2016 and here’s the replay.


Finance teleclass invite from Karmic Ally Coaching

I’ll share the 3 things you need to be doing first before you even think of preparing a budget or hiring a finance manager to manage your money.

The class is part of The Karmic Ally Coaching Experience education initiative and this is the replay (it’s free!).

So sign up, listen to class and let’s get your money mindset on the right track!

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I want to get my money ducks in a row!

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