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If you have found your way to this page on The Karmic Ally Coaching Experience website, then you are meant to receive the guidance and help for maintaining balance and combating stress with this hand-selected set of tools and techniques that I teach in my Creative Visualization workshops and to my premium 1 on 1 client for stress management –compiled in a special ebook –Stress Management with Chakra Balancing Exercises.

As a former corporate professional who has fought and won the battle of stress using the very techniques that I am going to share with you in this exclusive ebook, I assure you that they work!

Still not convinced if you need the exercises? Here is a question for you.


Are You experiencing any of these stress signs right now?

Look back at the last 6-12 months and ask yourself if you can relate to any of these statements:

  1. I dread going into work in the morning
  2. By Sunday evening, I start feeling miserable for no apparent reason
  3. I am experiencing low energy
  4. I am having trouble sleeping
  5. I have lost interest in my work
  6. I have low energy
  7. I get easily irritated with my loved ones, colleagues and clients
  8. My house is a complete mess and just looking at it makes me want to run away
  9. I’m not able to focus or concentrate on anything
  10. I used to be so energetic and happy but now feel lost


If any of these statements resonated with you and you found yourself nodding in agreement, then it is time to take action and regain control over your stress levels and general sense of well-being.

Generally speaking, stress can be caused by our need to adapt physically, mentally and emotionally to a change. Changing economic times also put a strain on an individual’s stress tolerance and resilience. Very often the pressures and demands between work and personal life become blurred with stress in one area of our life spilling into the other.

By accepting that stress is a part of modern life, you can focus on choosing how you wish to respond to those areas where you have control and the best way for this is to hone in on your coping skills.

Yoga provides us with many coping skills for stress management and practices to improve our sense of well-being.

This ebook has been prepared to provide you with the self-help techniques to find that inner peace through chakra balancing exercises, one minute stress tools based on yoga and metaphysical principles and a special meditation that helps you to improve your concentration enabling you to focus on what really matters to you.

This guide uses beginner tactics and steps that I have shared with my clients as part of their coaching assignments to assist in regaining a sense of balance and perspective.

You will begin the adventure with one simple objective in mind; to gain clarity and take inspired action to build your mind and body’s resilience to stress.

And the first step is to download your special copy of my toolbox right here!


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Testimonials from Real People


I had read multiple self-help books, attended numerous soft skills trainings, viewed innumerable training sessions online but something was still amiss. I spent numerous hours trying to find the missing link by thinking and discussing with friends, but everyone seemed in the same boat. The Karmic Ally coaching pin pointed the exact missing link, by channelizing my energies and thoughts and transforming me into a more confident, positive thinking, leader of my own life and situations. I know that it’s all an upward trail from now on and I will continue reading Vatsala’s blogs for the weekly dose of inspiration. Thanks Vatsala!!!  Archana Sali, Corporate Communications


Vatsala is a great teacher who is able to share her personal insights and experiences to help one get in touch with one’s intuition. She is driven, always sticks to timelines and is conscious of the individual needs and personalities of her students. Her creative visualisation course has really helped me get perspective, control and has helped with goal setting. Highly recommended.  Anita Sekhri, Freelance Lawyer



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