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Want solutions to the problems that keep you awake at night? That’s where Karmic Ally Coaching helps you create breakthroughs with customized radical and innovative solutions to issues that are keeping you stuck in a rut in the shortest time possible. Believe it or not, even high achievers hit roadblocks in their careers or on their journey to creating a business that expresses their Soul’s Vision and Purpose. Every transformation requires a willingness to accept change. Are you ready to embrace change? Find out with Karmic Ally Coaching's special quiz - Fearing Change or Confident to Win Challenges!

Love Definitions? Karmic Ally’s unique view on coaching

I’m often asked this question by professionals who are new to the world of coaching and think it is counselling, preparing for examinations, teaching or worse – spoon feeding for results.

It’s easy to find the definition of ‘Coaching’ on the internet. We all have our unique idea of what coaching is all about. To understand the work I do with clients to give results, here’s The Karmic Ally Coaching Experience perspective inspired by Moving Cheese and Campbell’s Hero Journey:

Coaching with the Karmic Ally Coach is a co-creative partnership that helps you to identify the key area(s) of concern at the time of the engagement and create an empowering strategy and action plan that is authentic to your true self, maintains your integrity and enables you to “Move Your Cheese” from Point A to Point B in a faster, better and smarter manner. It is in accepting your call to a new adventure that starts the process of self-discovery leading to a holistic transformation resulting in an improvement in the quality of your personal and professional life.

In fact, I wrote a whole post on how Moving Cheese can positively improve our career life balance.

Click the link  below to read the post (a new window will open to the blog post). Do leave a comment!

Can Moving Cheese Positively Improve Career Life Balance?


Enjoy change and the new adventure



Coaching is all about helping people get from where they are in their life to where they want to get to. If everyone is being honest with themselves, I think we could all do with improving an area or two of our lives.

But why don’t people do anything about it?


5 Barriers to Self Improvement -Why You need a Coach


Everyone knows what to do in life to become more successful but they don’t do what they know. Here are 5 common barriers that I’ve observed.


  • You  may be caught up in the day to day demands and challenges of living that you  don’t have time or energy to focus on the big picture or what you  wanted in the first place; or 


  • You  are still on the original track for what you wanted for yourself  and are successful but have outgrown that dream; or


  • You’ve hit a roadblock and need more but cannot articulate or identify what is missing; or


  • Even if You have identified the missing piece to your puzzle, you don’t have the support or road map to get out of the mess that you are finding yourself in; or


  • You’re just plain scared to step out of your comfort zone are being restrained by your limiting beliefs and fears from doing what you know you  need to do and need unbiased support from someone who will not judge them or their decisions.


This is where it is useful to have a Coach.

It is a Coach’s job to help people get what they want in life in by breaking down the barriers that people impose on themselves by holding them accountable for their results.

The best analogy that I know of  is that of a Personal Fitness Trainer.

When you go to a gym they will first ask you what your goals are: Losing weight? Build muscle? Build endurance? Etc.

They will then see where you are at with regards to your goal.

So for example, if you want to lose body fat they may ask you to take a body fat composition test that will measure your current levels of body fat; you may be asked to take a fitness test, asked what your current eating habits are etc.

After establishing exactly how much you want to lose and over what period of time you want to lose it the trainer will then devise a plan of action of what you must do in order to achieve your fat reduction goals.

Along the way your personal fitness trainer will encourage and motivate you, ask you questions about your motivations and any barriers that you face and will help you. The end goal of a trainer is to help you achieve your goals a lot quicker and more effectively than if you did it yourself.

A Coach does EXACTLY the same as a Personal Trainer but with areas of your life that are causing you concern or you know you need to change the status quo and do something about your situation but need support in making those changes.

How do you feel and deal with change?

I invite you to try out my short yet insightful quiz Fearing Change or Confident to Win Challenges. (Click on the preceding blue highlighted quiz title or on the image below to open a new window with instructions to access the quiz)


Quiz that assesses how you deal with change


How I help you achieve results as Your Karmic Ally Coach

Now that you know my definition, click the link below to learn more about the results we’ll create together.

What Do You Get From Hiring Me As Your Coaching


Coaching is NOT………

Coaching is not psychotherapy or counseling. It is not in the realm of healing although there are many healers who function as coaches too. As your chosen Karmic Ally & Coach, I can work alongside other therapies as long as the client is ready for coaching & willing to take action.

Meet your coach

I believe the world would be a better place if high achieving professionals accepted setbacks and challenges to their careers as Wake Up Calls to embark on a Journey where their empowered course correcting actions create a New World Order that encompasses achieving their career aspirations & potential with authentic life balance.

I work with driven, passionate, talented and ambitious professionals who’ve hit a speed breaker in their business or career create their desired breakthrough reclaiming control of their situation with customized strategies and tactics that deliver results.

When my clients first reach out to me, they are not in a very happy place, needing clarity about themselves, their desires, chosen vocation and what will give them peace of mind. They are drawn to me for the very reasons that I highlight in Who Is Karmic Ally Coaching.

Their professional problems are playing havoc with other areas of their life. They know they need to take radical steps to change the status quo but they also know they need support and accountability to get them their desired result.

I really get it, because I’ve experienced that dark night of the Soul. I know firsthand the outcome of getting lost in my work rationalizing decisions that were detrimental to other aspects of my life.

I’ve struggled with and won battles of stress management, corporate politics, life balance and career decisions to emerge in a place where I can confidently say that I live my desired life according to my personal Manifesto and have created a business that provides me with a platform for my desired lifestyle and self-expression for myself. I want that for you too!


Vatsala and I connected back in June of 2015 and later I came to know her better through a message she sent to me regarding my posts. She is terrific at helping professionals handle change or challenges and then finding solutions to their life, career and business concerns. She helped me as I struggled to learn LinkedIn and she provided guidance and support in the areas that I had yet to learn about. Her latest book, “5 Reasons your job hunt isn’t giving desired results: 10 Strategies to strengthen your game plan”, is a testament to her experience and skills as a mentor, coach, and author. I recommend Vatsala for her ability to solve problems and search for solutions as she did for me when I didn’t know where to find the answers for myself. Thanks, Vatsala!

Recommended by Lorraine Price, Book Coach, Author, Book & Movie Reviewer

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