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Vehicle For God’s Power

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Vehicle for God's Power

Society can condition an individual’s intellect and lead them to believe that they have limited strength to achieve their purposes. The individual’s sense of personal existence is a conditioned belief of society’s lack of awareness of the true Self-Being. This conditioning breaks the link of the individual with his Higher Self and the person believes that they are the Doer and alone in this life.

In order to break free from these often self-imposed restrictions, it is important to realize that there is a Power and Presence of God often referred to as the Source of Power, a Life Energy within each of us, which if we allow it, can guide us to do all manner of good in our life.

In essence, if you were to remove the error of your conditioned belief of your own sense of personal existence, you could use your mind and body to serve as a vehicle and channel for your God-Mind. This requires that you must first synthesize your mind to the Mind, Presence and Perfection of God as your True Self by practicing repetitively synthesizing affirmations to create a Oneness with the God-Power in your mind and also channeling affirmations to enable the God-Power to flow through you and into your daily activities.

An easy synthesizing affirmation could be “I am One with the Divine Light of God’s Being within me”.

My favorite channeling affirmation which works for any faith is “God directs my footsteps and direction each day.”

This success secret has been known to Christ and other mystics through the ages. The synthesizing technique uses the power of the Word to influence our conscious and subconscious thoughts which in turn has the power to direct and attract good and positive energy to help us to achieve our best.

This concept is clearly seen in the opening images in the Bhagavad Gita (the Celestial Song) where Arjuna the warrior sits in his chariot conversing with his charioteer Lord Krishna. The Katha Upanishad, one of the four sacred texts of Hinduism throws light on this imagery which is similar to considering ourselves as God’s Vehicle.

Here the Self is the master sitting within the chariot which is the human body, the Understanding or Intuition is the Charioteer, the Mind is the reins and the horses are our senses and objects of the senses or desires. Self-mastery is being led by our Self and we are taught that the desires are superior to the senses, the mind is superior to the desires, the intuition (understanding) is superior to the mind and the Self is superior to the intuition. Going further, the wheels of the chariot symbolize right action and effort, the destination is perfection and the whole experience calls on us to become an aspirant after the truth by living life through our Higher Self, using the Power of the God-Mind within.

Do you have a favorite channeling affirmation? I’d love to read about it!


Horse Drawn Carriage by Junior Libby

Written By: Vatsala Shukla

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