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Time – Life Management

Hanging on to the clock for time


Do you go to bed wondering what exactly you’ve achieved during the day despite having worked very hard?

It happens to the best of us and what you really need is an effective time-life management strategy that works for you and allows you to regain work life balance.

If you are not careful, then there are enough time bandits running around who will steal your precious minutes and hours draining your energy and resources and reducing your efficiency and effectives.

The importance of effective time management as a sign of leadership qualities cannot be emphasized enough. Poor usage of your working hours can also affect your interpersonal skills and possible career path, even if you do get the job done at some point. Guess what? You might be a bandit yourself!


How you can tell if Time Bandits are winning the Battle

How to tell if Time Bandits are winning


Here is a quick assessment.  I would like to ask you to think about your normal day and the tasks that you perform whether at work or at home. Then have a look at these questions and note your answers.

Do you manage to complete the top priority tasks? 

Would you say you have productive days or do you find yourself wondering where the day goes? 

Do you work weekends to catch up with the work backlog? 

Do you set time in the weekends to do essential tasks on the home front but don’t get around to the important ones? 

Do you find yourself procrastinating?

If the answers to these questions made you uncomfortable then perhaps you need to address the issue of time mismanagement to regain your work life balance and demonstrate that you do possess leadership qualities. I can assure you that you are not alone. We have all had these robbers steal our precious working hours and derail us!

Today’s busy life style leaves many of us overwhelmed with our every day schedule in the absence of an effective time management strategy. This program, also called work life balance, aims to provide the required learning to improve the quality and balance in your life by focusing on skills that will assist you in getting more of what is important done in less time thus demonstrating your leadership quality and forming positive habits.


The Karmic Ally Coaching 90 Day Signature Time Management Program is your answer IF

  • You are an overwhelmed professional or small business owner who knows you have time mismanagement issues and are caught in a rut.
  • You  are at a stage where you’ve already realized the  need to take control of your situation before you  experience burn-out, job problems and strained  relationships.
  • You’ve read every self-help book in this area, attended every productivity enhancement workshop that you could find or even changed jobs quoting work life balance as the reason for leaving.
  • You’ve reached the stage where you know you need supportive accountability and focus in creating your desired results according to your lifestyle requirements.

In other words, You are ready to take action.

This program is concerned with how you manage your time and whether you are being efficient and effective. We work closely on your hour usage habits and identify 2 key areas requiring attention and which will make the most impact on releasing your time to do the activities that you love but simply cannot accommodate right now. We will work together to regain your sense of control and work life balance.


At Karmic Ally Coaching Experience you win your Time Management battle


Prior to commencing our Strategy Session, you will complete a Time Management Quick Assessment which would look at key areas of deficiency in time management including your work life balance.

An analysis of the assessment will be discussed with you at the Strategy Session and 2 key areas will identified for action over the coaching sessions with action plans and tips to galvanize you into immediate action to remedy time mismanagement in your focus areas. You will understand the interrelationship of different aspects of your life and how these aspects can affect other areas. Do not be surprised if other areas of your life improve as well!

The Program is customized to include assessments on specific topics tailored to your situation and Session records to keep track of your progress and support material.

In addition to your regular 1 on 1 coaching, your package includes specific tips on your procrastination style, the Eight Tested Commandments for Time Management and a lesson in avoiding shiny object syndrome (a time bandit that you really need to tackle upfront).

Successful achievement of work life balance requires a holistic approach and you’ll learn re-balancing techniques to reduce and remove distractions that create your time mismanagement using doable strategies.

I guarantee that you will start seeing changes from the very first session.

Want to know more? Drop me a line using the Connect Form or write to me directly at vatsala(at)karmicallycoaching(dot)com and let’s set up an exploratory consultation to check if we are a good match.


Want some immediate time management support while you get to know me better?

I invite you to download The Karmic Ally Coaching Experience Tip Sheets for Time Management?

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Time management tip sheet on procrastination


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You will benefit from

  • Identify and handle your Time Bandits
  • Learn to overcome procrastination
  • Discover how to say no more easily
  • Learn to create important ‘me time’
  • Gain at least 2 hours a day for priority work
  • Improved time management through new habits and lifestyle changes


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