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Present yourself to the world, You’ve got the Power!


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In my book Get Noticed! 15 Insider Tips guaranteed to improve your Executive Presence  I write about building your own brand and also address looking for opportunities to raise your profile because you’ve got the power to create your world.

The same tactics can be used to build your brand and raise your profile with a much larger audience where you might find fellow professionals who can provide you with information for advancing your career. I’m talking about LinkedIn, which I consider the best networking platform for professionals and businesses.

The tool that we can use is SlideShare that allows us to upload Presentations, Documents, Videos and of late Infographics.

What’s best is that you can link your LinkedIn Profile and SlideShare together so whenever you upload a presentation, it gets shared in your LinkedIn update which means indirectly, that you maintain your presence in front of your connections. Who know? One of them may Like, Comment or even Share your presentation with their circle which means added exposure.

In case you are new to SlideShare, here is a bit of information that will put my recommendation in perspective. Slideshare was founded in October 2006 and acquired by LinkedIn in May 2012. So once you link the two (the resources section of LinkedIn provides information on how to do this) you can easily reach a wider audience with your uploads. You can also share on other social media platforms. Presently, SlideShare ranks among the top 120 most visited websites in the world.

To give you some live examples, here is a recent presentations on SlideShare.

You can see all my presentations at SlideShare Vatsala Shukla Presentation.


Do you already use SlideShare? Share you experience with other readers in the Comments Box below and raise your profile!

Written by Vatsala Shukla

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I believe the world would be a better place if high achieving professionals accepted setbacks and challenges to their careers as Wake Up Calls to embark on a Journey where their empowered course correcting actions create a New World Order that encompasses achieving their career aspirations & potential with authentic life balance.

Using a combination of intuition and analytical skills, I help my clients identify their real issues with exercises to still their mind and allow their inner feeling to emerge in a place of confidentiality and trust.

I work with driven, passionate, talented and ambitious professionals who’ve hit a speed breaker in their business or career create their desired breakthrough reclaiming control of their situation with customized strategies and tactics that work.

When my clients first come to me, they are not in a very happy place and need clarity about themselves and their chosen vocation. Their professional problems are playing havoc with other areas of their life. They know they need to take radical steps to change the status quo but they also know that they need support and accountability to get them their desired result.

I really get it, because at one point, I also experienced getting lost in my work rationalizing decisions that were detrimental to the other aspects of my life. I’ve struggled with and won battles of stress management, life balance and career decisions to emerge in a place where I can confidently say that I live my desired life according to my personal Manifesto and have created a business that provides me with a platform for my desired lifestyle and self-expression for myself. I want that for you too!

I adhere to the Certified Coaches Alliance Code of Ethics and Standards. A copy is available on request.
1st place BCB 2012
Email: Vatsala(at)karmicallycoaching(dot)com Phone:91 9818517664
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