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Getting Job Interviews in Recessionary Times

Woman and Laptop

Woman and Laptop


Sometime back, there was much discussion in one of my LinkedIn Groups on the topic of experienced unemployed professionals trying to land interviews. The discussion took an interesting turn when a young, soon to be qualified professional joined the debate with the same problem.


How to land an interview and get an opportunity to prove one’s capabilities during recessionary times


Early in the discussion, I had suggested looking at one’s contacts that could at least get the resume through the door and onto the right desk and improve the chances of getting the much desired interview. One’s credibility goes up as the introducer is also a reference. Worst case scenario, you may not get the interview or get interviewed but still not get the job.

Even then, the saving grace is that at least you will receive direct and correct feedback on why you are not invited for the interview or did not get the much needed offer letter. Possibly the profile is not matching with the job description, the position is on hold or has been filled internally. Far better than chasing the company or agency who may feel uncomfortable giving you a reply and wasting your time which could be better spent on searching in new pastures.

Other action plan steps that I suggest are

Think carefully about what kind of a job you want

This is important since you really don’t want to apply for a job and actually get an offer which doesn’t match your circumstances and creates life balance issues. If you are unwilling to relocate or spend more than 40% of the job travelling, do not apply for a job which requires relocation or 80% travel time no matter how prestigious the company or great the pay package.  It isn’t fair to either party.


Decide on your target industry where you want to work

Do an honest self appraisal of your strengths, weaknesses and competencies as well as sector experience and then apply for positions matching your profile and seniority in companies from that sector. In other words, find your niche market. This would improve your chances of getting an interview provided your profile matches from the prospective employer’s perspective.


Let your network know what you are looking for

Network here includes your professional as well as personal network. You never know who may be able to get you the introduction that you are seeking. Or they may know someone who can assist and provide you with an introduction. There is some truth to Seven Degrees of Separation.


Thank your network personally for favors

There is nothing better or more sincere than thanking your introducer for the introduction and informing them if the introduction has worked out for you. A handwritten note or a telephone call works best. People like to be appreciated, it’s only human.


Pay it forward

When others are willing to reach out and help you through a tough time, do make sure that you show gratitude. One of the best ways is to promise to pay it forward and keep your word.


We all go through tough times at some point in our lives and the best thing to remember is that this too shall pass.

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Written By: Vatsala Shukla

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