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Are You Intent on Intending?

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Has it ever happened that you are about to go out, are thinking about a taxi and when you step out of your home you manage to hail one immediately or better yet, there is one parked right in front of you waiting for fare?

I’ve done it a number of times when I go to my favorite market where parking is a nuisance and manage to get a parking spot. On one occasion a car pulled out just as I drove in and got the coveted parking spot when the market was at its busiest.

The secret?


Tapping into the Power of Intention


Stephen Hawking quote on Life and Success



Our thoughts have energy and if we focus well and with intent and feeling, things do manifest.

This is not just a creative visualization technique. I use it for time management as well.

If you are a fan of the To Do List (like me) this time management tip is a must try.

Make a list of all the things you really need to do today.

Then allocate a specific period of time for each activity. Apply the Chunk, Block and Tackle technique.


Time Commandments and Life Priority Bundle




If a task will take longer than 12 minutes, assess how long it would really take and allocate the time accordingly.

Now for a unique step that changes the dynamics completely!

When you are about to start the activity, say to yourself either in your mind or loudly “I intend/It is my intention to complete this task in the best possible time carefully and thoroughly”.

You can also make the intention specific to the purpose of your task. The way I use it to get parking!

In other words, divide your work into reasonable bytes, focus with undivided and complete attention on the task at hand and maintain the intent of intention to complete the task.

If our intention is complete and absolute, the Universe supports us by sending us helpers to get the task done. When the task is done, say a Gratitude Statement to seal the task.

So in my case, after I get the parking, I silently say “I am grateful that I got a lovely parking place for my car”.


Do you dare to take up my challenge you to try out this technique with the important items on your To Do List and see if it works for you?

PS. Also place the intention to come back and share your experience!



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