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Awaken the Sleeping Lion within You

Awaken the sleeping lion within you


A few months back, I was watching a children’s television show with my nephew about Indian folk tales in cartoon form. The story is one that even features in the Osho Zen Tarot Card deck as the explanation for the Major Arcana card called Conditioning.

It is a beautiful story about a lion that was brought up by a herd of sheep and even thought he was one. In the television version, the lion even wore a sheep skin and made sounds like a sheep, sharing their habitat and eating grass. Then one fine day, an old lion that was passing by saw the sheep-lion and literally forces him to see his reflection in the forest pond. 

At that moment, the sheep-lion awakens to his identity and lets out a huge roar that resounds throughout the jungle. Leaves fall, birds fly away, the deer go scampering and the rest as they say is history.

Looking at it in modern day context, quite a few of us get caught in a herd mentality forgetting that there is a difference between personality and individuality. We adopt a personality based on others perceptions and externals instead of looking within and finding our true voice – our roar.


The Choices Before Us

This story brings out the two choices that we have for direction in life; either to go along with the majority of society without thinking for ourselves because it is easier not to take decisions and responsibility for the quality of our lives or choose to break free of conditioning and be guided by our inner Higher Source of wisdom. 

A person who is tuned into one’s Higher Source or God-Mind will find that they will be intuitively self-directed to rely on that intuitive self-direction from a Higher Source. The benefits of choosing to turn to the Higher Source are many. When one embraces guidance from one’s Higher and true self, the decisions that we make are the right ones for achieving the purpose of our soul in this lifetime. Letting go of personal egotism, we also let go of our illusions and become more aware of ourselves and our surroundings. 

Focusing on externals alone can get us caught in judgments whereas turning inwards to our Higher Mind by maintaining a positive and peaceful attitude at the surface part of one’s consciousness through the practice of meditation, visualization, prayer and affirmation will enable us to raise the right vibrations in the atmosphere for our Higher Mind to more readily influence us through intuition. 

While the directions for affirmations, prayer and visualization are simple and can easily be learned by reading self help books, it is the student who has to be prepared to let go of any previous conditioning and seek to listen to his/her Inner Voice and committed not to let personal ego and emotion corrupt the guidance messages received.

Making changes however may at times require being shown our reflection in the mirror either by our well-wishers or a guide. This is perhaps where the old lion came into the story. To be the catalyst that changed the sheep-lion into a real lion!

But there’s more to just realizing that we need to step into our authentic power. Once we have the wake up call, it’s time to answer our Call to Adventure and this Kindle book will guide you on your transformation journey – guaranteed!


Have you ever had a catalyst that awoke your sleeping inner Lion? Would love to read about what it took to help you find your True Voice in the comments box below.


Lion Roar by Lee Wag

Written By: Vatsala Shukla

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