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Confront and Banish Your Fears and Weaknesses

don't be scared, confront and banish your fears and weaknesses


It was the first day at my Creative Visualization Workshop. Our Group discussion took an interesting turn when one participant asked about fears and overcoming them. Considering that we all have our own set of unique as well as collective fears, this was an important question. Getting rid of fear bugs isn’t always that easy though it can be done.

My suggestion, whether metaphysical or not is always to confront the fear or weakness by acknowledging it, analyzing it and then letting it go. The letting go part is the difficult one just as breaking a bad habit.

Think about it, our fears and weaknesses gain strength only when we give them the power to do so. That is one permission slip one should not be handing out to a bad cause, one that only creates more negative energy. 

If you want, a simple affirmation acknowledging your strength will do the trick. Imagine for a minute that you are feeling scared or fearful of a situation. Here the affirmation would be

I have the courage to tackle any obstacle I face

or while in a meditative state, invoke the quality you need

I invoke the quality of courage within me

What if stating or invoking an affirmation doesn’t help fight your fear?


God Power is greater than any fear within me


Yes, that does happen because we can keep affirming but our sub-conscious mind knows we are saying fluffy sentences. In this situation, it’s important to bring out an even stronger ally to help us by asking our Higher Self or the God-Power within you for help. Confront your fear using the Confrontation Affirmation Technique as follows:

The God-Power within me is greater than any feeling of self-doubt or fear within me. I yield my mind and body to the God-Power within me. The God-Power within me gives me the peace and power to face the situation.

I give thanks to the God-Power of my mind for giving me SELF-MASTERY!

Always begin your confrontation affirmation with the following words:

 “The God-Power within me is greater than _______ .”

Keep repeating this and attempt to feel the God-Power of your mind taking over your mind. After you have felt positive results, give thanks for Self-Mastery!


The Positive Power of Confrontation Technique

The Confrontation Technique is a great tool to overcome the negative energy of your sub-conscious mind. It is also a powerful technique to guide a person to let go of their limiting beliefs by empowering them with a sense of support from a higher power, the Universal God-Power within their mind.

Many times our biggest stumbling block towards success is our own fear or belief which while it may appear ridiculous to outsiders is very real to us. In order to move forward, we need to change our mind set and conscious affirmations may not be enough.

In other words, we need to feel the new conviction at the very core of our being. This requires support that we alone can give ourselves and the best way would be to connect with our God-Power which is more powerful than the energy of the weakness in our sub consciousness that is holding us back.  

Remember that in wanting to achieve our desires and what we want from life, there are inner forces that compete and which hold us back. There is the duality – the forces of light and dark within each of us. 

By using the Confrontation Technique, we can overcome the power of the weakness energy by connecting and bringing into our sub-consciousness the power of our true inner light of divinity. Self-mastery can be attained wherein, using this technique we can develop spiritual self-reliance by bringing forth our own God-Power instead of looking to others for help.

Have you ever tried this technique to override the games your sub-conscious mind plays with you? Let me know in the comments box below.


Happy Thanksgiving to our readers in the US! Let’s learn The Sedona Method Together!


Thanksgiving Greeting


I know you’re wondering what an Indian doing is feeling happy about Thanksgiving. Is it my childhood memories of New York with Turkey, cranberry sauce and the good old corn on the cob?


Yes, it’s an American Holiday but the concept and sentiments are universal and a dash of gratitude for all that we have never hurts. In fact, it is a message to the Universe that we appreciate all that we have and set the stage for more abundance in our lives.


Update: June 2017:

When I wrote this post in November 2016, there was a free learning festival where participants were taught The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin and I invited readers to avail of it. This was an awesome event and one can still download the program in mp3 format by clicking here. Please note, it is now a paid self-study program.

Hale created a very popular, professional self-study course that helps you let go of uncomfortable emotions, right on the spot, without getting stuck in them or having to figure out why you even have them.

This process works to:

  • say goodbye to fear, stress, and anxiety—even panic attacks.
  • release anger problems.
  • lose even long-standing depression.
  • get rid of chronic physical pain.
  • propel yourself to new levels of personal performance.
  • kick addictions… Lose weight… Stop smoking.

The process is called The Sedona Method,  If you are interested, please click on the image below to learn more. . In full transparency, this is an affiliate link and I might get a small sum of money if you decide to purchase the training. So go ahead and check it out!


The Sedona Method





Written By: Vatsala Shukla
Photo Credit: Terrified Man by George Hodan



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