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Stress Management

switching off stress button with Karmic Ally Coaching

Do you want practical Solutions to manage Stress?

Stress management isn’t just learning a few techniques and methods to manage stress; it involves support to create change at a deeper level. Do you feel you need support?

To help you answer the question, here are a few prompts. Look at each statement and keeping in mind any emotional or physical changes that you may have noticed in the last 3-6 months, consider whether they are true or false for you.

There is no right or wrong answers – just what you are believe to be correct answers for you.

I have been having trouble sleeping lately

I am feeling low on energy and easily get tired

I have been getting irritable with colleagues and family members

There has been a decline in my concentration and productivity

I have been losing my temper over trivial matters and seem to be perpetually on a short fuse

I have been experiencing feelings of low value and self-worth

I have experienced a major life event in the last 6 months (Example: marriage, job change, job loss, bereavement)

I have been having tearful sessions for no apparent reason and feel overwhelmed

If you found yourself answering True to any one of these questions, there is a strong chance that you are experiencing distress and need to consider the way you manage your situation before things spiral out of control and manifest as a burnout.

The feeling that one needs support for stress management does not happen overnight. It builds up over time until you reach a melting point and realize that if you don’t take back control of the situation, it’s going to spiral out of control with consequences that could have been avoided with timely intervention and change.

Generally speaking, stress can be caused by our need to adapt physically, mentally and emotionally to a change. Media articles often talk about how to reduce workplace stress and the remedies suggested implicitly and often explicitly give stress a negative connotation.

This is not quite true.  The ideal situation is to have the coping skills and resilience to deal with problems and issues and maintain a state of Eustress so that we cope with unexpected situation without affecting our normal activities and functions.

Healthy stress means a healthy person. It’s all about stress management and using techniques that work for us and build resilience.

Changing economic times can strain any individual’s tolerance and resilience. Very often the pressures and demands between work and personal life become blurred with stress in one area of our life spilling into the other.


Stress Management Pop Quiz:

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being indifference and 10 being a big Yes Please!  How would you feel if you could?

  1. Stop being in a perpetual reactive mode in handling stressful situations that ultimately affects your health, relationships and even your career
  2. Give up or significantly reduce reliance on external stimulants like coffee, cigarettes or alcohol for numbing your pain when there are healthier alternatives
  3. Lower your stress levels to manageable levels and avoid related health issues like exhaustion and burnout
  4. Prevent issues at work cascading and flowing into your personal and home life by learning how to switch off
  5. Reduce conflicts with the people who matter most to you whether in your personal or professional life by controlling your irritability
  6. Stop taking wrong decisions because of clouded judgment with far reaching consequences
  7. Stop thinking about worst case scenarios and get regain your optimism

If you scored 8 or above for any of the statements, then please read on because Karmic Ally Coaching’s Stress Management Coaching Program is exactly what you need.


What if  I told you we could get your stress levels under control in 90 days – guaranteed?

My 90 Day Signature Program is designed for overwhelmed professionals who know they have to take control of their stress levels before they experience burn-out, job problems, strained relationships and need support from someone who has firsthand experience of what it really feels like.

They need someone who will support their efforts, keep them accountable and focused in producing their desired results as they tackle issues and personal challenges to take back control of their lives and where the solution is in their sphere of control.

This program is concerned with your state of mind and body and aims to look closely at the significant areas of your life, personality and feelings towards situations.

Having determined your current mental and physical health and areas requiring attention during our coaching sessions, we will work together to improve your resilience level and ability to cope with the stresses in different areas of your life which is crucial to successful stress management.


How will your Life change when you have the upper hand on Stress? 

This is a customized solution program and prior to commencing our Strategy Session, you will complete a Stress Management Assessment which would ascertain the levels of stress, both healthy and unhealthy in the various aspects of your life including their resilience.

Like my clients, You might notice stressful areas that you were not aware of as well as underutilized resilience strengths!

The best approach to managing stress is one where you are in the driver’s seat taking proactive measures instead of reacting to triggers.

You’ll see a shift in yourself by the end of the first session because you’d have identified your key stressors and a technique that will give you instant relief preventing collateral damage to yourself, your relationships and your jobs.

The program duration is designed to give you ample time to break bad habits, disempowering behavior, improve stress level maintenance habits and build resilience.

Provided you are willing and ready to start working on the underlying issues, you will:

Start setting up healthier boundaries

Let go of the need for perfectionism,

Get a grip on your anger

Prevent negative stress and burnout using personalized resilience building routines  and

Become more assertive


The Program package includes assessments on specific topics tailored to your situation, email support between coaching calls and a lot more including my gift to you for taking action –  Stress Management with Chakra Balancing and one minute tips (click to find out more).

Coaching is delivered over phone and Skype so you don’t have to factor in travel time to meet the coach. It doesn’t get easier!

Need more clarification or questions that remain unanswered? Contact me through the Connect Form and let us arrange a no-obligation chat and find out how we can build your resilience!





You will benefit from

  • A proactive approach to your Life
  • Ability to identify your unique stress triggers and take action
  • Lower stress levels which means less exhaustion and chances of burnout
  • Tools for staying calm and focused in times of uncertainty
  • Tailored relaxation and stress resilience building techniques
  • More stability and happiness in areas that you can control with strong personal boundaries
  • Inspiration to imbibe new habits and create lifestyle changes


Vatsala Shukla gave very solid information that covered the aspect of what a Wake Up call and a Hero’s Journey is about sharing some of her personal experiences which made the presentation warmer. I felt closer to her as she perfectly described the stages a hero’s journey. The story of Mahatma Gandhi’s Wake Up Call and Hero’s Journey was particularly interesting.

I appreciated Vatsala giving tips, guidance and coaching questions for what to do. The handout with self-coaching questions that one could do after the presentation was a good complement for the presentation and helped people to work with her on the call.

I also liked that Vatsala gave people a chance to do some work “here and now”, in this way they will remember more about what was all about and will be curious and willing to go deeper… at least some of them…

Recommended by Lumi Vasile for the Wake Up and Hero’s Journey Teleclass

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