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Business Coaching


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What Is Business Coaching And Why Do You Need It?


As a career professional have you reached a point where you’ve decided that you want to be your own boss and start your own business or consulting practice?

Maybe you want to help others and make a difference and decide to set up shop as a Coach or Consultant to spread your Message which has to be heard to help others?

Perhaps you have an idea or concept and believe that you can do a great job translating it into a profitable business venture with our experience and skills?

Welcome to the club!

Like many of us before you, you must have felt this way at some point or the other about your work, career and a desire to be your own boss. But whatever you do, please don’t buy into the myth that you can open an office, set up a website and print 300 business cards and with a bit of advertising, clients will line up outside your door or book consultations and hire you on the spot. That’s not how it works.

The thought of being a solopreneur or business owner is glamorous, being your own boss is romantic and guess what, many professionals succeed in making that transition without hurting their lifestyle or before their savings get depleted during the birthing stages of Project Independent Business.

On the other hand, many don’t make it to the Promised Land and when that happens, they hang up their business boots within 12 months and go back to a JOB, having failed to fulfill their dream.

If you are starting out in your own business or contemplating starting your own business/ practice, you have 3 options to reach your goal.

You can do it yourself and learn from your mistakes before you hit gold. However, there is always the possibility that you may find you have created a shaky business because the foundations of your business may not have been created on terra firma.

You can hire a consultant or consultants whom you can pay to provide you with solutions to specific problems. They can prepare reports on what is required and even advise you on business matters. They can help you achieve specific goals and keep you objective. What they won’t do is help you to find balance between work and home life or help with subjective experiences.

Your third option is to hire a Business Coach who can provide consulting on business issues and at the same time coach you by asking the right questions, help you find your own path, focus on maintaining balance in your work and life and keep you accountable to achieve your goal and a lot more.

In other words, get you from your Point of Starting to the Point of Destination without compromising the rest of your life to achieve your Business Dream.

Coming from a business background as a Chartered Accountant and having done enough audits of companies that ranged from Small Businesses to Major Corporations and having held senior and director level positions in leading Multinational companies, I can tell you that there are questions and areas that you need to consider before taking the decision to go into business for yourself. You need clarity on what you want and focus on what you need to do and not do to achieve success.

To do that successfully you need to have a solid Roadmap and the willingness to be agile to change your route if you find yourself hitting a dead end.

That is what we do at Karmic Ally Coaching where we help you clarify the vision of your business and how it fits in with your personal life and goals. Because reaching your business goals cannot be successful at the heavy cost of the other aspects of your life. We work on your mindset as well as your business because without the right mindset, your business dream won’t take you as far as it can.

I promise to keep you accountable and instead of spoon feeding you solutions, help you find your own solutions for your business. You’ll have a sounding board for your ideas and planned actions and as your Coach, I’ll hold up the mirror to make you aware of any business and personal blind spots.  There is an element of mentoring involved because we at Karmic Ally Coaching are committed to your Success.

You will get the support you need to reach your goal because you will be asked questions, and after listening to your answers I will work with you on doable suggestions. Together, we will explore, challenge, encourage, probe, facilitate, focus, stimulate, and hold you accountable for your results. You’ll receive the much needed outside perspective, discipline needed to march toward sustainable, improved performance.


The broad structure of our business coaching services

We believe that the return on your investment in coaching should more than match your investment which is why we have an application process for our discovery sessions to help both parties assess if we are a good fit for getting you to your goal.

Coaching is a process for change and that takes time with a minimum commitment of at least 3 months because we believe in creating real change. Some of the benefits that you will experience in your business and personal life will be the result of coaching which is not easily quantifiable. But you will notice the difference.

At the same time, it is important for you to keep in mind that you as the client, are solely responsible for the results that you obtain from coaching. If you are ready to make a difference to your business, let us schedule a discovery session.

Where can I help you right now? It entirely depends on you and where you are in your mission to create your dream business.


Do you want to do some work on your own first?


Karmic Ally Coaching Business Readiness Self-Assessment

If yes, then I invite to take the free Business Readiness Self-Assessment (please click the highlighted link to learn more) to form an idea as to whether you are ready to make the shift from working for a boss to being your own boss.

Or you are further ahead but need to get a clearer idea about your business? Then my guide 5 things you need to work on before jumping into business is just the guide you need to start thinking more about your business and what additional information you need to find out before setting up shop.

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Get your workbook here 


You want a Business Coach to work with you?


This is where I come into the picture with 2 different 1 on 1 coaching programs.


Business Road Map Essentials

Business Systems Coaching Package


Both business coaching programs are structured the same way, but the focus differs  depending on where you are – pre-operation, in operation for some time or if you are looking to make changes to your business and need a mentor. Both programs are detailed on the next page.

Click here to learn more




At Karmic Ally Coaching we help you clarify the vision of your business and how it fits in with your personal life and goals.

Reaching your business goals doesn’t mean incurring a heavy cost to other aspects of your life – compromise is not an option.

We work on your mindset as well as your business because without the right mindset, your business dream won’t take you as far as it can.

Our offerings include Self-Help and 1 on 1 Coaching Services


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