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Releasing Negative Trends – A New Year Resolution

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A little over a day, we are approaching the end of a year and the symbolic start of new beginnings. Most of us would have started thinking about the year that is finishing, what we achieved, what went wrong and what we hope for in the coming year. Resolutions are in the making. I too make resolutions which I sometimes keep and sometimes break. I feel happy when I succeed. I go as far as celebrating even the partial successes finding something positive in every experience and commending myself that at least I tried.

This year, instead of resolutions to lose weight or give up a bad habit, I am going to try a new one – release negative trends.


Release Negative Trends

Each one of us, no matter how positive or spiritual we may be, encounter difficult or negative situations and circumstances at some point of our lives. In one of Lord Buddha’s stories, this point is brought out when he said that there is not one household that has not witnessed death. In other words, sorrow and difficulties come in everyone’s life. Such situations are the acid test for our faith in ourselves and our true mettle is proven from how we handle the situation rather than our running away or trying to eliminate the problem.

When things are going great, it is easier to believe in the love of the Divine and feel that life is wonderful. It is when we are faced with trying times that we get an opportunity to test our spiritual power and our true inner strength is revealed. A lot depends upon our attitude.

A positive thinker will see the hardships as times of change, opportunities to grow and accept that this is a transitional period from which one will emerge a new a better person and have learnt much to be used later in life or that the experience will help him to guide others on their journey when they are stuck. A negative thinker will panic and sink into self-pity accompanied by self-blame, blaming others and in the process, attract further negativity into his life.

My strategy for success is going to involve a combination of programming both my mind and sub-conscious mind with positive thought patterns. I will think positive thoughts and use affirmations including meditation breathing exercises to embed positive thoughts and release any negative thoughts and trends that I may still be harboring within myself. For the more analytically-minded individual, the spiritual self analysis can help to stimulate insight and intuition from one’s Higher Self to get to the root of the negative trend and find direction to bring about a positive new trend in their life.

From personal experience, I know that when faced with a difficult situation, we always have a choice. We can either be resentful and find somebody or something to blame for the hardships and thus prolong our pain and discomfort or choose to face the challenge and grow as an individual fully aware that should we be brave enough to face adversity head on, the Universe will provide all that is needed and help to lead us out of our darkness and into the light and find ourselves improved for the experience.

I have always chosen the latter and find the travails encountered on the journey of Life easier when I have believed that this too is an experience that is important for my soul’s evolution and that God will never give me more sorrow to bear than I am capable of. Immersed in deep prayer, meditation and positive thinking through affirmations, I have always overcome the crisis emerging stronger like the phoenix rising from the ashes and in a sense reborn. 

So, what is your New Year Resolution?


Written By: Vatsala Shukla

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