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Experience the Power of Tweet

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Believe it or not, I did not fully realize the power of Twitter until I entered the Best Coaching Blogs Competition in 2012. I realized soon enough that simply getting friends and clients to vote was not going to be enough; I had to declare my existence to the world with the request to vote for me. 

It was a challenge as my blog was barely a year old and I was a newbie compared to the other competitors.


My please vote and please RT requests did wonders. The votes started coming in.  My vote requests were re-tweeted. Followers’ tweeted messages to me to keep the faith, things would work out for me!


I made it into the semi-finals and from there to the finals where my co-finalists crowned my blog Numero Uno and sent congratulatory tweets.

I felt connected.


A regular tweeter, I have discovered a whole new world out there with so many wonderful twitter friends who write great content, share great news and I even get a chance to read opinions from other tweeters on issues of social and political importance. I love the Twitter experience.


So how does one go about ensuring that one has a great personal Twitter experience?

The first and most important point to remember is that Twitter is public and your tweets will be visible across the internet. Locking your profile or pre-approving the follower limits your interactions.  Instead, I suggest that you abstain from tweeting confidential or very private matters. Some things should not be aired in the public arena; whether it is your tweet or a response to a tweet you can easily send a direct message.

In the same vein, resist tweeting banal or superfluous tweets. Do a self-check by asking, if I were a follower, would I like to read the tweet?

Also don’t spam your followers by tweeting too often. They might decide to un-follow you to avoid the ‘noise’ that you are creating in order to read more interesting tweets.


Always tweet a thank you if someone has re-tweeted you or mentioned you on Follow Friday. It is a simple but great way to acknowledge the other person and nurture the twitter relationship.


Sharing is caring. If you see a great tweet or one that has a link to an article or item that you think your followers would find interesting, re-tweet it. If you read a great story on the internet, share it with a tweet. It also helps to build your image as someone who knows good content when they read it.


If you want people to engage with you, put a nice, clear picture of yourself. People like to know who they are interacting with. If you intend to use Twitter for your business, use a professional picture and not a cutesy one.


Make full use of the bio section – write something interesting that captures your essence within the allotted characters. Think of it as a mini-elevator speech that would interest people to follow you and engage with you.


When publishing your tweets, be yourself. Think of what you would say if you were meeting someone in person. One great tweet that gets my attention each time is from a fellow tweep who asks “Good morning, who’s awake?’” If I am online or see her tweet, I certainly wish her a great day – even though I am 10 hours ahead of her on the globe.


Want to get new followers or engage more? Participate in a Follow Friday by using #FF or #FollowFriday and mention some of the folks you follow. It is a great way to show appreciation and prove you are not a machine. I believe the word is ‘bot’.


If you start a conversation on Twitter with someone, make sure that you respond to them in a timely manner. One of the best responses I got was a thank you from a lady I endorsed on Follow Friday with an acknowledgement the following week and an apology for the late reply – she had a cold. No guessing who tweeted back a get well soon message!


In my early days of Twitter use, I noticed that there were those who followed me and then un-followed me once I followed back or un-followed me if I did not follow back immediately. Twitter is not a popularity contest but a powerful social media tool and needs to be acknowledged as such without abuse. My tip – be authentic, follow those you wish to and don’t get upset if they do not follow you back.


As you continue to use Twitter, you would see new people following you.

Some social media experts say you should do an automatic follow and then remove later on. Unless you have oodles of time on your hand, it is simpler to check out the profiles and tweets of those who follow you and take your own decision whether to follow back.

There is no written rule that you have to follow everyone who follows you. It all depends upon the type of experience you want to have on Twitter. One way would be to follow @karmically!

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6 Responses to “Experience the Power of Tweet”

  1. Thanks for this nice etiquette guide, Vatsala. I’m happy to say I follow all these practices. Here’s another I know you’ll appreciate: when I follow someone new I immediately retweet or favorite one of their tweets to let them know I’m a real person who will read their posts.

    Happy tweeting!

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Always welcome, Andrea. Thanks for sharing your invaluable tip – it ensures the other person does not get the feeling that our Twitter account is fully automated but rather, there is a human running the Twitter account. Even more so when we may not wish to follow the follower but find a tweet more in line with our core.

  2. Tai Goodwin says:

    Twitter is my favorite social networking platform. I've been on it for a while since 2008 and the connections I have made over the years have been awesome. I highly recommend finding a good tweetchat to connect to. They are great places to find other people who are in your niche and industry – in other words other potential partners.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for sharing the tweetchat tip, Tai. Twitter is a great place to meet new people and quite often the interaction can lead to associations outside of Twitter. In a recent HubSpot report, 42% of businesses actually found clients through Twitter. Better yet, it is a great place to share views on trending topics.

  3. Debra Jason says:

    All good basic etiquette tips worth following @Vatsala.
    I believe it’s good practice, to respond to tweets where you’re mentioned, thank peeps who RT your tweets and acknowledge those who follow you as well.

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