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Chakra Balancing Exercises – Part 2

This is the second part of the blog post to help the Knowledge Seeker learn more about Chakra balancing exercises. Last time we covered 5 stress busting exercises which also help with Chakra balancing and the first two chakras. 


Chakra Chart courtesy Karmic Ally Coaching

Chakra Chart courtesy Karmic Ally Coaching

Specific exercises for each Chakra

Recap: Any set of  Chakra balancing exercises needs to first address the Root Chakra and then move onto the higher Chakras. The logic is simple, unless your base is secure and grounded; the rest of the structure will not be helpful and may create more problems than solutions. Having done the Root & Sacral Chakra exercises, we move onward and upward!


Solar Plexus Chakra

The best way to balance this chakra is to break inertia and get active. Activities that do this are great!

  1. Common sense exercises include stomach crunches and jogging.
  2. Woodchopper: Imagine you are chopping wood with an axe. Stand with your legs apart. Clasp both hands and raise them above and slightly behind your head. Inhale. Then while exhaling, swing both hands in downward motion between your legs as if you were chopping wood.
  3. Other great ways to energize this chakra is to engage in One-Minute Visualization and meditation with a focus on this specific area of your body.

Heart Chakra

  1. The easiest and best way to balance this chakra is the One-Minute Breather.
  2. Arm Circles: For those who prefer activity, you can do full and half arm circles first clockwise and then counter-clockwise. This constitutes a set. Do 3 sets.
  3. The heart represents love and compassion. Strengthen and balance this chakra with empathy, appreciation for others and compassion meditation towards those whom you wish well.

Throat Chakra

Exercises for this chakra focus on stimulating the throat area which governs our communications with the world, our creativity and self-expression.

  1. Head lifts: Lie on the ground or on your bed with your back straight and gently lift your head while inhaling as if you are trying to see beyond your toes. Lower your head gently while exhaling. Do this set 3-5 times.
  2. Neck exercises: A great way to release stress built up in your neck, stimulate the thyroid and engage in chakra balancing is to do neck exercises. Sit with your back straight and while inhaling, bend your neck towards the right shoulder. Return to original position while exhaling. Repeat on the left side. Do a set of 3. Then while inhaling, turn your head towards your right side and return to original position while exhaling. Repeat on the left side. Do a set of 3. Complete the throat exercises with neck rolls first clockwise and then counter- clockwise.
  3. Sometimes resting the throat is good. Bring some fun into your life by using sign language with friends and family. Just one caution – do tell them that you are playing charades in advance! If that does not feel comfortable, then plan periods of silence during your day when you will not use your throat and voice.

Brow Chakra

  1. Eye exercises: Strengthen your eyesight while stimulating the third-eye area with the yoga exercises for the eyes! Sit with your back straight and look forward. Then move your vision to the right side, bring it back to the original position. Repeat on the left side. Do this set rapidly 3 times and then close your eyes and rest.   Open your eyes again and this time, look upwards and then downwards. Repeat this set 3 times and again close your eyes and rest.
  2. Cover your eyes with your palms and open your eyes and experience the darkness. After a few seconds, close your eyes and remove your palms. This can also be used to rest the eyes after the eye exercises.
  3. Engage in meditation for 15-20 minutes a day.
  4. One-Minute Sun Bath from Part One of this post.

Crown Chakra

This chakra which is located at the top of your head is the seat of consciousness and understanding. This chakra can be balanced using Meditation. Make the meditation unique with the Candle-gazing meditation. A word of caution for the Crown Chakra – do not try to stimulate it before ensuring that your Root Chakra is balanced. 

The exercises that we have covered need not be used solely for chakra balancing but are great stress busters as well. They help in improving our flexibility and sense of general well-being which is the aim of sharing these exercises. 

This week, do try out the One-Minute exercises as well as the Chakra balancing exercises. Keep a journal to record your experience and if you noticed a difference do leave comments and share it with me and other readers. 

Written by: Vatsala Shukla
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2 Responses to “Chakra Balancing Exercises – Part 2”

  1. kelly says:

    WOW, alot of very useful information here. I like your final idea about keeping a journal for your chakra balancing routine. It really is a journey and im sure we would all be surprised by the results!

  2. Karmic Ally says:

    Thank you Kelly! Keeping a Journal helps since the changes that take place within us are subtle and gradual. The Journal acts as a great motivator to proceed with our journey when we realize in writing how far we have come.

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