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Want solutions to the problems that keep you awake at night? That’s where Karmic Ally Coaching helps you create breakthroughs with customized radical and innovative solutions to issues that are keeping you stuck in a rut in the shortest time possible. Believe it or not, even high achievers hit roadblocks in their careers or on their journey to creating a business that expresses their Soul’s Vision and Purpose. Every transformation requires a willingness to accept change. Are you ready to embrace change? Find out with Karmic Ally Coaching's special quiz - Fearing Change or Confident to Win Challenges!

Business Programs


Business Coaching Programs


Karmic Ally Coaching’s Business Coaching  Programs are structured the same way, but the focus differs  depending on where you are – pre-operation, in operation for some time or if you are looking to make changes to your business and need a mentor.

The service program packages include 8 sessions (via phone/Skype) of 60 minutes each over a period of 90 days plus 4 hours of review of documentation that you create with guidance to improve them. You get accountability and support to maintain your momentum. Your results and quality of documentation depend upon your level of commitment and the amount of work you are willing to put into the program. There is no spoon feeding but you are guided in the right direction to create your desired results.


Business Road Map Essentials


Your business plan is a gps for your enterprise's success


Whether you are considering starting your own business or practice part-time or full time while holding down a day job, this program will help you create a road map (also known as a business plan)  that will keep you on track in creating your business and ensure that your outside business life is not compromised.

When you have clarity, your take focused and inspired actions that give results rather than chase shiny objects or invest money in goods and services that aren’t relevant to your big business vision.

One of the biggest objections I hear is –when one can download a free template on the internet, then why pay someone to work on a business plan with them?

Of course you can find a business plan template online. It isn’t all that difficult. A simple Google search will help. You can download it and fill it up and you have a business plan but it won’t have all the elements that you need to take into account to create a real business.


Here’s my perspective on free online business templates

  1. You may not find one that exactly matches your business because every business is in fact unique with a number of factors that come into play that templates don’t take into account.
  1. Templates are good for samples and guidance but your business isn’t going to evolve in a linear manner which means there will be changes along the way so your business planning will change as your progress to account for new developments and things that seemed great earlier but which won’t work now.
  1. Your business plan is as unique as your business which means you need to keep it flexible and allow it to change. A well-documented business plan will have information that can guide you when faced with important decisions in your business. When you know what has changed and how it impacts different aspects of your business, its easier to adapt and survive.


A good business plan serves as a handbook for your business, a roadmap of where you are and where you want to get. It details various tasks that you need to get the business started and running. It outlines the set-up, functions, services, target market, fees, costs, investments and marketing of the business. Most importantly, it documents your vision for your business.

Creating your roadmap business plan is the best thing you can do for your business. This isn’t a final document to be written and filed away but a process that helps you benchmark your progress and adjust for changes that take place in the various factors and variables at play in your business. As the scenario changes, you adapt to it.

A business plan is a precious tool to help you start and run your business. It’s a plan to document how you intend to start and where you want to reach and what are the most viable ways to reach from your point A to point B. It’s your business’s GPS system to success.


What’s included in creating your customized business road map?


This step by step program is designed to walk you through your entire business giving you clarity and focus on what you need to do and which areas you need to consider to create a business plan that can be implemented and revised by you when you start your business.

How do we do that? Together we’ll work on your business plan looking at your vision and mission and translating it into a viable business. You’ll be guided to explore and learn more about your market, your competitors, your USP, services/products, marketing and even create a financial plan for your business.

We’ll check if your Vision and Mission for your business are truly aligned at a Higher Level with what you really want. In other words, establish your Big Why, which is the most important driver for an entrepreneur.

If you’re looking for basic business knowledge and creating a foundation which will enable you to grow, then this is the coaching that you need.


The Business Road Map Program also includes:

Templates, tools and coaching to check if your idea is viable and how to make it work.

Personalized action plans and recommendations to create your business plan and tweak it as we go along.

Your end product is a tangible business plan to launch and grow your new business.

You will continue to refine your road map and include new elements long after the coaching is over to keep it in line with new developments and business growth because you will learn all the really required skills and knowledge that you need.

Click here to complete your application and let us do a quick consult to check if you are ready to create and implement your business and if we are a good fit.


Business Systems Coaching Package

Business systems bring clarity to process - karmic ally coaching


If you have been in business for at least 6-8 months but are finding things chaotic then it means you are ready to start creating and implementing systems and processes to help you run your business smoothly.

Together we will work out a short actionable plan for implementing these systems and tweak existing systems to plug the holes that are draining your time, energy, money and creating unnecessary stress.

Think of it as applying Covey’s Quadrant approach to identifying those areas that need to be addressed and acted upon immediately, what systems and processes can be outsourced and how you can work on optimizing your business rather than winging it from one day to the next.

We won’t reinvent your wheel but work with what you already have and improve it. If necessary, you will work on new systems and processes that are efficient and effective.

If you’re looking for help to create or improve your business processes and systems to run your business smoothly and are considering hiring new people, then this is the coaching that you need.


The Business Systems Coaching Program also includes:

Personalized action plans and recommendations to create your business plan and tweak it as we go along.

Your end products are an operations manual and documentation for all key systems and processes in place that will help you to delegate tasks and change your processes as your business operation needs change.

Click here to complete your application and let us do a quick consult to check if you are ready to create and implement your business and if we are a good fit.

What the business coaching programs provide you in addition to accountability:

Select major goals that are specific to translating your vision into reality with your unique business road map

Short doable action plans to achieve your goals and measure your progress with Key Performance Indices

Focus on the end game which means more productivity and a bye bye to the Shiny Object Gremlin

Discover and elaborate on what makes you unique and sets you apart from your competition

Doable strategies and customized tactics to get those goals completed

Tweaks that work for your business

Get those numbers sorted out – capital outlay, profits and cash flow (critical for even the fanciest business road map)

An Operations Plan that is truly reflective of your business

Deliverables include:

Documentation that reflects your business dream fully researched and validated by you to move forward with confidence

Templates, systems and records to enable you to delegate/outsource the mundane work



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