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Auras in stress management

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A strong aura helps build resilience to stress

How many times have you met with a friend, acquaintance or complete stranger at a get together or spoken to someone on the telephone and felt completely exhausted or drained out? Maybe you have even gotten into a bad mood and snappy? Guess what, you have been exposed to an emotional vampire who managed to get through your auric shield!

On the surface, it could have been that you were suffering from fatigue or not in a very receptive frame of mind. On the other hand, it could also have happened when you were perfectly alright. It could be that your energies were affected by outside forces which invaded your space due to a weakness in your own energy system and could have been avoided or at least contained to prevent a sense of energy drain out if you had a robust stress management routine in place.



Stress management and a strong aura are 2 sides of the same coin


Successful stress management requires that we live as balanced a life as we can, which means eat well, sleep well, exercise well and a whole host of other wells to keep you in balance.

The same applies when we speak of auras, our shield to protecting our energies. A strong aura can also help us to cope better with the stress in our lives. With a strong and vibrant aura, negative, draining and unbalanced energies are deflected. Think of it as an invisible boundary between yourself, others and the environment.

The aura benefits from positive health practices. In other words, proper diet, exercise and fresh air strengthen our auric field while lack of exercise, sleep, indulging in excessive or under eating, inordinate consumption of tobacco and alcohol all weaken the auric field.


10 activities that strengthen the aura and build stress resilience


From a stress management perspective, the steps to take would include:


  • Physical exercise, which also produces endorphins and a sense of wellbeing
  • As much fresh air as is possible – try to step out of the office during lunch time for a short walk or just go outside the office for a few minutes
  • Eat less food but more frequently
  • Make sure the diet contains green vegetables and fruits
  • Sunlight – the vitamins in the sunrays are good for activating your pituitary gland
  • Meditation – it helps to balance your mind and rid it of long lost clutter
  • Chanting or listening to music – no hard and fast rules here, do whichever one works for you. Keep in mind that the music should soothe you, not further aggravate you
  • Lighting incense sticks or using aroma oils – the best would be sage, lavender, gardenia or lemon grass
  • Proper breathing – Practice pranayam, which is essentially nostril breathing
  • Doing things in moderation


Additional Resources from The Karmic Ally Coaching Blog

I originally wrote this post way back in September 2011 when my blog was barely 3 months old! I’ve added this section to compile a few select resources that provide guidance on 3 doable areas that I outlined above. There are lots of other posts that can help with aura strengthening and stress management and I invite you to check them out as well.  


Meditation as a tool for Stress management

Let the Sunshine In

De-stressing with music

Stress Management with Chakra Balancing Exercises



I’m curious, have you ever dealt with emotional vampires? How do you take charge of the situation to prevent yourself from getting exhausted or experience an unknown mood change? I’d love to read about it in the comments box below.




Written by: Vatsala Shukla


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14 Responses to “Auras in stress management”

  1. Great article, Vatsala!! This week has been super stressful for me. I really love the idea of getting fresh air. Since I’ve gotten my new dog, I’m outside walking each and every day! It’s been great. He pulls me away from my work so that I can reset my mind.

    I also find that taking a relaxing bath or shower is also helpful.

    I definitely need to start scheduling these activities more so that I prevent the stress before it hits!

    Thanks for the ideas!

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Thanks Jennifer. Building one’s resilience to stress by making self care a priority pays long term dividends. Having a dog at home who needs to be walked helps create a no-excuse activity for you apart from the benefits of having a furry stress buster at home!

  2. Lisa Swanson says:

    Great article. When my mother was alive I use to have to brace myself when I visited with her. She unfortunately suffered from anxiety and depression and it took a great deal of effort to keep your negative energy from seeping into my own. I eventually learned to stay calm and breathe my way through these visits; some days more successfully than others.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      It happens Lisa. My late maternal grandmother was a strong lady, having been a principal of a school and then a language instructor to engineers in her younger years. But as age crept up on her and her contemporaries passed away, one could sense her loneliness and anxiety at the age of 80+ which could pass on to us via the phone because of the blood relationship. We learned to cope by strengthening our auras and keeping her distracted from her worries. It would have been challenging though for you, Lisa.

  3. Lesa says:

    My number one stress reliever is spending time in nature. There’s just something about breathing in the fresh air and listening to the sounds of life around me that works to remind me that nothing is as serious as it might seem in this moment.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      So true, Lesa. That is one of the positive points in having my little Coco. Our walks end up in the garden where she rolls in the grass and I observe the swaying trees and plants and on a good day, there are lots of different birds and a gentle breeze. Somehow, time spent in nature helps to put life and work back in perspective.

  4. Love this article Vatsala, as it adds an important perspective that people often overlook when it comes to understanding themselves in a holistic way. I actually had a biofeedback session yesterday while in Arizona and i was fascinating to hear where my “stressors” are in all areas of my being, not just the physical. I’d like to believe that more people are understanding that we are not just physical beings and that we have to take a holistic approach to our health and wellbeing. Especially in relation to stress which is often “invisible” and yet effecting us and our energies. Thanks for sharing these tips with us all, as having just arrived in Sedona, Arizona, this is the place to put many of these practices into being.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Thanks for raising the topic of Biofeedback, Beverley. Interestingly I completed a Bucket List item of mine 2 years ago with a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling and one of the topics that I had to study and write about was Biofeedback!

      There are 3 commonly used methods of biofeedback therapy – measuring muscle tension, temperature and brain wave activity. While researchers are still unclear as to how it works, one common thread is that people who benefit the most from biofeedback therapy have conditions brought on or worsened by stress.

      I know that your biofeedback readings will be even better post your visit to beautiful Sedona and your aura will become even stronger. 🙂

  5. I recently read that scientists can ‘see’ one’s aura. I was a skeptic about auras but the article changed my mind. I seem to have excellent stress coping skills so I suspect I have a strong aura. You must too.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Kirlian photography is used to determine the aura, Roslyn. Good stress resilience and coping skills go hand in hand with a strong aura, so yes, you have a strong one. One can also intuitively sense the state of another person’s aura and this skill can be developed with some practice.

  6. Tamuria says:

    All of your points make so much sense Vatsala. I know some emotional vampires and it really does it its toll spending too much time with them. The importance of living healthy to achieve emotional and spiritual balance cannot be over emphasised. Music truly does soothe the soul. I read Let the Sunshine in too as I get so depressed when I don’t get enough sunlight, despite the recent scare. Great article.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      I’m glad you liked the post and the additional resources, Tamuria. Many times, the emotional vampires don’t even know that they drain others around them. All they do know is that they like to be around bright high energy people because it makes them feel better. The tips that I shared in the post will help strengthen the aura. Later this month, I’ll share more tips on how to close the circuit so that one can be in the company of these energy draining people and still feel well.

  7. I have a handful of stress relievers that I use as needed. From spending time in nature to exercising, listening to music out loud to sitting quietly, telling myself it’s not my problem to solve everyone’s problems to playing with my dog.

    I use one or the other depending on situation and time that I have 🙂

    • Karmic Ally says:

      All of your stress relievers are key to maintaining a strong aura, Delia. Especially connecting with nature and playing with the ultimate stress buster for many of us – our lovely furry companions!

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