8 Step Change Model for Genuine Hero Journey Results

Karmic Ally Coaching 8 Step Change Model


A good coaching program requires a structure or at least a framework. Based on my work with clients and consults, I’ve developed my own model of 8 steps to create change that fall within 3 phases – Discover Plan and Action.

These 3 phases cycle during the coaching engagement using the 8 Step Change Model providing results at each step and during each phase so the client experiences continuing results and quick action to overcome blocks and resistance to success.


Karmic Ally Coaching’s 3 Phase Approach to Results 


Karmic Ally Coaching 3 Phase Approach for Results


You don’t have to sell your Soul to achieve your definition of career success and that’s where Karmic Ally Coaching’s 3 phase approach for results helps.

You need to


Karmic Ally Coaching’s 8 Step Change Model

Our Change Model consists of 8 steps that flow smoothly to create results.


Karmic Ally Coaching Navigation System


Step 1 – Assess Situation

The first step is to get honest with yourself and take a realistic look at your situation, what’s really happening and what you really want. It’s not just uncovering the real issue, it’s also a step where you have to accept and own your worth so you can step up to achieving your desired transformation and goal from an empowered place.


Step 2 – Uncover Broken Blocks

When we’re caught in a situation, it’s difficult to see the woods from the trees and as your Wise Guide, I’ll assist you to uncover what’s really holding you back and what you need to do to step into your own power. IF you haven’t owned your worth in Step 1, you definitely will in this step.


Step 3 – Discover your Desires

Now that you’ve gotten rid of your emotional blocks to success, we’ll consolidate your situation and discover what your true desire is.  For example, you want a promotion but the real deal might be wanting more visibility and recognition.


Step 4 – Explore the Options

There are always choices and options that one can adopt to get the results we want. But are they viable? What may work for 1 professional might not deliver the goods for another because there are so many other factors involved. In this step we take a look at all options to find the right ones. This is an important step.


Step 5 – SMART Game Plan

This is the step where you create SMART Goals that are aligned to the strategies that will help you achieve them and work out the tactics. This step will help you create the game plan to achieve your goals and even more.


Step 6- Take Action

Did you think saying affirmations and mantras is all it takes? No way! The various metaphysical tools that you’ll learn will help strengthen your mindset (which is very important)  but as any Law of Attraction or Creative Visualization Coach will tell you, you need to take deliberate action. In this step you take effective action to get the results you want.


Step 7 – Tweak the Moves

The beauty of taking action is that you not only make progress towards your desired result or transformation but you also get a chance to see what’s working and what’s not. You adjust your tactics and move forward.


Step 8 – Rinse & Repeat

Did you think the first solution is the final solution? Sometimes it is but as you progress, there are new situations that arise that need to be handled. The good news is that each time you are faced with a challenge; it will be less painful because you will have experience and resilience on your side. Besides, you’ll have mastered Karmic Ally Coaching’s 8 Step Change Model to get the results you want!

Interested in the part about How the coaching package is delivered? You can read about it on How Karmic Ally Coaching Works’ ( clicking on the link will open a new window so you don’t lose your place on this page)




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