50 Attributes you need to be a successful Business Person

Business Mindset Assessment


So you’ve finally taken the decision that you want to start on the journey of self-employment as a business person to be your own boss using the skills and experience that you have gleaned over the years in your corporate job. Congratulations! But are you fully ready?


Your Business Mindset is a crucial factor for your future Success

If you’re not sure, then it’s time for a quick self-assessment to take stock of where you stand right now.

This simple assessment cum checklist is designed to help you find the answers to the above questions and assess if you are ready to start your business.

It will ask you to think about key aspects and whether you agree you have the mindset, characteristics, skill set, support and financial preparedness for being a successful entrepreneur.

This checklist in no way predicts or determines your potential success or failure, but serves as an important tool to help you become aware and mindful of the success factors.


Business readiness assessment question







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