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5 Success Secrets to Win the 7 Day Positivity Challenge – and it all starts with the mind

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Our thoughts are our reality

Our thoughts create our reality


Are Positivity Challenges still in vogue?


Way back in September 2014, when I first wrote this post, I had been tagged by not one but two friends to openly participate in a positive thinking challenge by posting a list of 3 positive statements for 5 days in a row and nominating 3 friends each day to play along.

I played the first day and then dropped out because I did not feel like putting my gratitude list in the public domain as it was quite personal and I do follow a deeper practice as part of my nightly ritual – in fact I can’t sleep without doing it!

But it continues to raise questions in my mind.

Do we really struggle to maintain a positive frame of mind?

Do we need public accountability to ‘think positive’?

The answer is quite possibly a resounding affirmative.

Back then, I had planned to create a List of my all-time popular posts over the last year. To my surprise, the winner, by a wide margin, was a post written way back in January 2013 – Do You Dare To Take the 7 Day Positivity Challenge .

(It’s still in the Top 5 posts in December 2017.)

That inspired me to do a Google Search for Positivity Challenge and found 5,440,000 results in 0.24 seconds which included Pinterest Boards as well as quite a few Facebook Pages on the topic with over 300 Likes.

Fast forward to December 14, 2017 and I found 24,200,000 results in 0.32 seconds. My original post was on the first page of the search results and I noticed that the challenge is also referred to as Positive Thinking Challenge with duration of 21 days to a full month.


Do we really struggle to find happy events that fuel positive emotions?


I admit it is not easy to stay positive when we are bombarded with negative news in the papers, television and internet. The economic environment has also not lent itself to staying positive for long periods of time.

The stress of everyday life can be overwhelming, create anxiety and yes, distort the way we view the world. Negative thinking reigns supreme and the positivity challenge remains popular.


Change your lens, change your world


Change your lens and change the way you see the world


If you have tried the 7 Day Positivity Challenge and flunked, then perhaps a little more work is required to change the way you see the world instead of restarting at the beginning and going through the entire cycle.

Here are some ways you can arrest negative thinking in its tracks.


Quit playing Chicken Licken

It is one thing to think of a worst case scenario to build your courage to step out of your comfort zone and take up a challenge, but that does not mean that we paralyze ourselves into inaction by expecting the worst to happen.

Better known as “catastrophizing”, such thinking is an excellent way to remain stuck in negativity. If you find yourself falling into this type of thinking, tweak it with a few rational thoughts and act on those.

For example, your internet connection is down for the evening? Instead of fretting about all the Facebook activity you are missing out on consider it as an opportunity to spend more quality time with your family or get some important work that you have been putting off done.


Stop being Judgemental

Have you ever had the experience that an incident is long gone and forgotten by everyone but you are unable to get it out of your mind?

It can happen to the best of us not once but often in different areas of our life – the office, the home and even with friends. It might have been something important that has now been clarified or some action which might not be a big deal for the other party but is for you. Apologies have been given and accepted, and YET……

If you are finding yourself in a similar situation, learn how to release those judgements in my blog post

Are Your Judgements Preventing You From Moving On?  Release Them Today


Take credit for the times that you get it right

We are conditioned from childhood to be humble and not to show off but as far as I know, that teaching does not include playing down the positives for the things that we do right or for the good things that we achieve through effort.

For example, when a colleague congratulates you on a good presentation, instead of playing it down, why not thank them and beam with joy because you know how hard you worked and are ready to bask in the light of accomplishment?

By acknowledging the positive event, you are boosting your self-esteem and creating a positive outlook. You will not be at a loss to post 3 reasons for being positive on Facebook – it is there!


Use Filters for Coffee not Positives

Use filters for coffee not positive events


This is a biggie and far more common than you would imagine – our ability to focus on the negatives in a situation while filtering out all the positives. Or worse, focusing on the 1 thing that may have gone wrong rather than accepting all of the things that did go right.

A good example I can think of is from a Master Chef Australia episode where 3 contestants were preparing Sushi for the first time in an elimination round. One of the contestants forgot to put in an ingredient properly and obsessed over it.

The fact that she managed to complete the challenge did not seem to count. The interesting part is that she was the first one declared safe and got the most compliments! The contestant who had left a bone in her fish was eliminated.

If filtering is your bête noire, then try maintaining a list of all that has gone right during the day. Review the list at the end of the day and see where you stand. Just cannot let go of the negatives? Keep track of that too. If you play the game properly, you’ll see the positives win hands down.


Take full responsibility for yourself -not the world

It is good to be responsible and to act responsibly but it is better to be responsible for those situations that are within your sphere of control and influence instead of taking ownership for all the problems of the world – including global warming.

When we personalize things, we assume responsibility for things that we may not be able to control. Remember the saying that you can bring a horse to water but cannot make the horse drink the water? Precisely!

A positive approach would be to rationally evaluate the situation on hand and determine how much if any responsibility you really have for the outcomes and focus on making sure that you do your bit rather than indulging in self-blame or covering up for others.

These are just 5 ways that we can change our outlook and see the brighter side of life and the list is by no means exhaustive.

Your turn, how do you stay positive? Any tips to keep those awful negative gremlins at bay? Do share your insights in the comments box below!


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This post was originally written in September 2014 and has been updated for relevance on 14th December 2017.

Written By: Vatsala Shukla



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12 Responses to “5 Success Secrets to Win the 7 Day Positivity Challenge – and it all starts with the mind”

  1. It’s so simple, isn’t it? Simple doesn’t equal easy, but it helps to remember the simplicity as I slog through, over and over again, the same resistances and beliefs. Luckily this stuff works. It’s not so much of a struggle any more. Phew!

    • Karmic Ally says:

      We are so conditioned to think that complexity is the key to solving all problems that we often forget that there are simpler ways to achieve our results, provided we become aware of our area of resistance and work on it, step by step, one day at a time. With self-realization comes self-acceptance. Then, and then alone can we take the right action and effort to banish our gremlins and move into the positive thinking zone. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your insights, Sue.

  2. Wonderful message Vatsala! I especially like your point – Take responsibility for yourself – not the world. One of my favorite retorts to friends who whine about the state of the world is “Maybe it’s time you resigned as General Manager of the Universe.” I’m a chronic positive thinker, but I know many people who even hate the term. In fact, one of my regular readers prides himself on being a good-natured pessimist and we’ve had some interesting discussions via email. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Suzie Cheel says:

    Positivity is so powerful and something people always comment on about me. I believe it is a choice we have to make in each day and each moment. I know for some people they choose to make it almost a burden rather than something that is joyful and creates change. Love the Wayne Dyer quote xxx

    • Karmic Ally says:

      I love Wayne Dyer’s quotes too, Suzie. Pure practical wisdom. I do wonder why positive thinking becomes a burden considering its health benefits, especially for our blood pressure and general well-being.

  4. Great message Vatsala! I have to admit that negative self-talk is something I have to watch for. When I feel it coming, I remind myself that I am not that person anymore. I have great accomplishments to be proud about and I refuse to listen to lies of the enemy. I often find myself grabbing my pastels or paints and create something. I also love to rearrange a small area in my home…I feel it give me control and order in my mind as well. I love Dr. Dyer. I use to go on long walks and listen to his audio books. Thank you for sharing this great article. 😉

    • Karmic Ally says:

      A special thank you Nathalie for sharing your experience and precious tips on circumventing negative thinking with your empowering thoughts and activities. They are powerful!

  5. Joyce Hansen says:

    Your post made me stop and think. Yes, I would describe myself as being on the positive side of things. However, what came to mind is that I’m first an observing realist. I like to stand back and observe and get a feel for what is. Then, I’m ready to proceed with what’s positive.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      A very practical approach, Joyce, I like it! Once we have a handle of the situation and the dynamics involved, it is easier to move ahead in positive motion.

  6. Julia says:

    These all speak to me; but especially numbers 3, 4 and 5. Thank you for this beautiful reminder to focus on the things I’m getting right, rather than the places where I feel like I’m not quite enough. I’ve never done a positivity challenge, but I have used a gratitude practice and found it very effective in elevating my mood and vibration. This kind of challenge really is a very active expression of self-love. I am going to work with number 4 on your list especially, and am absolutely sure it will make a huge difference in my life <3

    • Karmic Ally says:

      If you can master number 4, Julia, you’ll achieve the goal of winning the positivity challenge with ease. Finding the silver lining in every dark cloud is a mindset change.

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