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5 confidence crystals you need to have for executive presence

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5 confidence crystals for executive presence


You already know that our appearance and grooming impacts others perception of our Leadership and Executive Presence qualities.

But sometimes, being well-groomed isn’t enough to exude confidence, especially when you are feeling diffident inside or you’re going through a patch of low self-esteem.

That’s when the right crystal or gemstone can give you the support at work to demonstrate that you have the goods and are worthy of being considered for a Leadership role.

I’ve touched upon many crystals for different purposes in my post Tap into the Magic of Crystals and even suggested a gem bath in my post on wearing jewellery while bathing.

In this post, I’m focusing on 5 crystals and gemstones that enhance our inner qualities and support us when we need them most.

They will help you at work but first, let me put in a few caveats here.

Firstly, you do need to possess the qualities that demonstrate Executive Presence and Leadership potential. If you aren’t sure if you have what it takes, please work through Karmic Ally Coaching’s Executive Presence Checklist.

Leaders demonstrate Executive Presence - do you?


In fact, it isn’t uncommon for me to suggest a particular gem or crystal during a coaching call either to support them for a difficult meeting or to supplement a chakra exercise or other technique to boost their confidence and manage stress over the coaching call.

That’s how Wise Guides support their Heroine or Hero during their journey to success with special magic.

Secondly, when we talk about using stones to boost our confidence and demonstrate presence, we aren’t by any stretch of imagination recommending that you wear every ring, earring, bracelet or necklace to work.

Remember how Melanie Griffith was perceived in Working Girl when she wore the wrong attire and was a walking bling horse? And then what happened when she got her hair styled, changed her wardrobe and started using fashionable and understated jewellery?

It’s always good to have 1 statement jewellery piece, like a strand of pearls that gets you noticed but not enough to distract people from what you are trying to say.


Pearl as a piece of Statement Jewelry


Thirdly, in order to get the most out of this tool, you need to have 3 elements in place.

Need – There’s a difference between a need and a want. The latter is something nice to have while to have a need is a burning desire to have the outcome.

Emotion – You must feel the need intensely to activate your ability to receive the power of the crystal or gemstone.

Think of the times when you’ve gone on a diet and actually lost weight. Remember what was going on in your mind – the need to lose weight and the emotions involved. Wasn’t your success linked to these 2 elements?

Knowledge – knowing which crystal is important to help you achieve your goal is as  important as understanding the qualities of the crystal and how to use it..

With my caveats out of the way, here are my 5 favourite confidence building crystals that work like a dream.

To get the most out of them, they need to either touching your skin or have a hole in the mount to enable light to pass through so your body can absorb the energy of the crystal.

If wearing a piece of jewellery is not possible for you at work, then keep the stone in your pocket and touch it from time to time.


Hessonite Garnet to stay grounded

The Hessonite Garnet is historically important in India because of its place in Vedic Astrological tradition. It is one of the 9 planetary gemstones along with ruby, diamond, pearl, red coral, blue sapphire, cat’s eye, yellow sapphire and emerald.

Hessonite is associated with the planet Rahu, an important planet that has the capability of affecting and making an impact on the life of an individual.

In truth, Rahu is not a planet but the north node of the moon but because of its ability to impact human life, it is accorded the status of a planet in Vedic Astrology and the scriptures recommend Hessonite Garnet or Gomedh as it is called in Sanskrit as this planet’s stone.

Wearing this stone can help protect the person from the malefic influences of Rahu and also help them to tap into the beneficial powers of this planet.

Wearing this gemstone can bring success, longevity, good health (especially for cataracts) wealth, prosperity and recognition to the wearer.

For a professional who wants to show up as confident exuding executive presence, Hessonite is a good ally for protecting the mind from fear and negativity while providing clarity of vision and effective articulate communication – which are qualities of a professional with Executive Presence and a good leader!

So if self-confidence is a problem for you, then in addition to studying my course Self-Confidence in Eight Steps, wearing a Hessonite Garnet on your person is a good supplement.

The Hessonite is also a Root Chakra stone and helps the user to formulate goals and strategies to achieve success in one’s job or business.


Citrine for luck and wealth


Citrine crystal for luck and wealth


Citrine is one of my favorite crystals when it comes to wealth and good luck. A Solar Plexus Crystal, it is also called a Wisdom Stone and helps give the wearer confidence during meetings and interviews.

Other benefits of Citrine include aiding the circulatory system, cleaning the blood and protecting the body from urinary, kidney and digestive diseases that are often found in stressed out professionals or those of us who are sensitive to our environment.

It helps professionals with low self-esteem accept constructive criticism and how to act on it.

So if you are going in for a meeting with the boss, especially an annual appraisal, this stone is your ally because it will help you take in information and analyse situations and then work in the right direction.

If you are working towards a deadline or facing a difficult situation, keep a citrine in your pocket and hold it until you feel poised and back in control.


Tigers Eye for calm and protection

I’ll be honest – I love Tigers Eye because apart from being a protective stone, it also helps to keep us calm, balancing and clearing emotions so we can maintain a peaceful disposition. It also promotes wealth and money.

So I wasn’t surprised when I learned that Roman Soldiers used to wear Tiger’s Stone engraved with symbols for protection during battle.

The Tigers Eye can help us at work by

  • Focusing our mind
  • Bringing insights into complex situations
  • Ground and centre our energy and
  • Protect us from negative energies


Pearl for luck and money

Pearls are associated with the Moon and are considered to have the powers of love, money, luck and protection.

I find pearls to be good for showing elegance at work provided it is a set of earrings or a strand of pearls.

Technically speaking, a pearl is neither a crystal nor a gemstone since it isn’t a mineral but an organic matter.

Yet they are considered for metaphysical purposes because they help attune the wearer to the cycles that life takes by calming and centering them.

They are invaluable for those of us who hate Mondays and the perfect jewelry to tap into the power of the Moon on its day.

Pearls help us to enhance our qualities of truth, integrity and loyalty.

Because of its feminine energy, it’s more common for women to wear pearls although in Vedic Astrology, men too wear a pearl ring on their right hand pinkie.


Clear Quartz the Master Healer


Clear Quartz is the Master Healer


I’ve saved the best for last – the all-rounder crystal Clear Quartz.

A revered stone in metaphysical work, clear quartz is also known as the ‘Master Healer’ crystal that is used to help clear blockages, stimulate the immune system, aid concentration and enhance memory.

It deepens the meditative state and helps balance the body and in particular the Third Eye, Crown and Soul Star Chakras.

Use it in the form of tumbled stones in your pocket or as a pendant in its long natural pointed form, you will definitely see the benefits.

In fact, I remember a former colleague of mine who brought in a major franchising company in the healthcare sector keep fist size pointed clear quartz in each of his pockets. He claimed it helped him to articulate better at meetings and remember everything he had to say to recruit franchisees.

Considering how successful he was in his project, I will not doubt his claims because there is evidence of using clear quartz crystal stones for programming and they are used in everyday gadgets such as computers, radios and cell phones because they are able to store and retrieve information!

Apart from its benefits for memory retrieval, one of the many reasons why I prefer having this crystal near me at all times is its ability to protect the aura from energy vampires and general negativity in the environment as well as electromagnetic frequencies from equipment that we use for work.


Final words on crystals and gems for Executive Presence

Tapping into the power of a crystal or gem for support when we are lacking in confidence works provided you have faith in the ability of this tool to give you the booster that you need. It is not a panacea for not showing up in your best form or doing the work.

The mind and body work together and the best gift you can give yourself is to practice balancing the mind and body with chakra exercises so you present yourself as a Leader who can be relied upon.

Learn to listen to your intuition because it will direct you to choose the right tool for the right situation.

Which gemstone or crystal do you use when you need to show up with confidence?


PS. These gemstones and crystals will supplement your efforts to build up your self-confidence. How about doing some inner work with my self-study Kindle book?



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20 Responses to “5 confidence crystals you need to have for executive presence”

  1. Reba Linker says:

    I like that you use this special ‘magic’ even with corporate clients. I am sure many people are believers beneath a more conventional appearance! I also appreciate your descriptions of the qualities of each gem stone or mineral, it gave me a better understanding. Last but not least, I am 100% on board with your statement jewelry pearl earrings – they are GORGEOUS!

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Those pearl earrings are gorgeous, Reba – I have a similar set in my collection that works with both Indian and Western outfits. 🙂 It’s a fact that there are closet ‘magic seekers’ in the corporate world who are open to the magic of metaphysics with crystals and gemstones provided they are able to rationalize the use or are at a stage where they are willing to go to Source to resolve their painful issue.

  2. Sue says:

    This was a great guide, I’ve printed it!! Time to shop. Sue

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Awesome Sue! When you do go to the shop, let your intuition guide you to select the crystal because that crystal is meant for you.

  3. Natasha Botkin says:

    I love crystals and all of their heaing light! Love all the details that you shared. Really appreciated citrine’s urinary info.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Thank you Natasha! I’m glad you found the information on Citrine useful. This crystal is often considered for wealth but it has other uses too!

  4. Suzie Cheel says:

    Love it- I usually wear quarts and a bracelet with pearls, needs rethreading, always have citrine nearby, getting my tigers eye out and now to find out if I have that specific garnet 🙂

  5. Joyce Hansen says:

    I keep a bowl of clear quartz crystals right next to myself and I work at the computer. Also, several pieces of Amethyst and a small stone pyramid. Rose quarts next to the bed. Pearl earrings have always been my favorites and I recently purchased a pair of crystal drop earrings as well. I’m becoming more cognizant of the power of different stones and this is very helpful.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Glad to be of help, Joyce. The quartz near your computer will help minimize radiation and perhaps you would have noticed that your eyes don’t hurt as much. I keep an amethyst under my pillow at night for sound sleep too.

  6. Fascinating article Vatsala! I will be the first to admit I know very little about gemstones beyond their beauty, but your point about the importance of having faith in the ability of the tool makes perfect sense to me. I’ve never been one to wear much jewelry but my go-to favorites have always been gold and pearls.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Thank you Marquita. I’m fascinated by your attraction to gold and pearls given that both of them have powers of protection and money. Gold has projective energy while pearl has receptive energy. Gold is also used for wisdom, healing and power. It would be interesting for you to think back and check when you preferred gold or pearls as accessories for different situations and whether they provided you with the support to overcome or deal with the task at hand.

  7. Leila says:

    I love the statement jewellery
    This is a new practice to me and am loving all I am learning about it. Never really paid much attention to gemstones before and their magic.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Statement jewelry makes us memorable, Leila, so we need to use it strategically. Once you learn more about the power of crystals and gemstones, you will want to incorporate them into your daily attire – guaranteed!

  8. CK Kochis says:

    Insightful article. Thanks for sharing your insights! Gemstones are wonderful, aren’t they?

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Crystals and gemstones are wonderful, Cindy, and they do work to boost our confidence. Glad you liked the post.

  9. Wow! So much information! Thanks so much!

    • Karmic Ally says:

      It’s worth bookmarking the post and returning to it to try the different gemstone and crystal remedies, Barb. Glad you found it useful.

  10. Andrea says:

    What an interesting post — I’m attracted to most of the gems you mentioned, especially in geode form. Sadly, you remind me that I’ve not seen my favorite garnet earrings for a while. It’s probably time to check the suitcases, just in case.

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