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3 Steps to Simplify Life with Value Focused Action

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3 steps to simplify your life with value focused action


Do your activities support your major goals or add to a list of actions that are worthwhile in themselves but don’t provide a respectable Return on Investment (ROI) for the time, money and effort that you apply?

Perhaps it’s time to simplify your Life?

On Sunday evening, I hit the publish button on Amazon and an hour later, Cure Shiny Object Syndrome: The Quickest & Easiest Way to Reduce Spending became a reality.


I finally achieved one of many goals that I had set for myself last year and then Life happened forcing me to step back and think about what I really wanted not only from Karmic Ally Coaching as a business but also what was important for me as an individual.

It has been a Wakeup Call in many ways and honestly, the Adventure continues at many levels. But writing my 6th Kindle book was a cherished goal and that too on a topic that I know many of us suffer from that leads to clutter, wastage of time, effort and money.

80% of the content for this book had been ready way back in June 2017 when it was put on the back burner. I revisited it last week and found I had new insights to offer and took up the project again.

The final version has now seen the light of day and has done well on publication without any great launch or Kindle Promo.

If I’ve learned anything from this particular Wakeup Call, it’s the need to simplify one’s life and stop running after every shiny new deal or object that comes our way.

It’s about priorities and accepting that this too is a moving variable.


You don’t need another Productivity Hack – you need this


The truth is, you probably don’t need another productivity hack.

In fact, I’m willing to go out on a limb and say your problem is not productivity related. If you’re like many of the high achievers that I know, you’re probably incredibly productive.

But you’ve got so many ideas to share and tasks on your plate that you quickly run out of breathing room.

See, the key isn’t to find a way to squeeze more in, or to find “more hours in the day.”

Instead, what you need to do is focus on building a strategy that will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of the things you’re already doing. It means revisiting your tasks and checking if they are really helping you reach your end goal. Are there any hidden Shiny Objects that need to be banished?

For example, when my recent Wakeup Call happened, I had a hard look at my activities and asked for each one of them if they were helping me reach my goals, whether business or personal or were they simply ‘nice to have’.

Did I really need to sign up for another Marketing or Visibility Challenge? Or any Challenge come to think of it.

Was I chasing the right metrics to determine the ROI on my activities or was I caught up in vanity metrics because somewhere I had adopted a herd mentality?

My website ranking dropped from 6,308,085 to 8,304,010 but it didn’t bother me because I hadn’t been blogging and have changed my blogging strategy to be 1 or 2 epic well researched post a month .

I know I went MIA on the internet and wasn’t promoting my content. I knew there were changes in search algorithms too which I needed to study.

I realized this was a vanity metric because during the same time, I had professionals join my mailing list and also take up some of my paid offers.

In other words, I was still reaching the right audience and building my tribe which is a better metric to measure.

It also means going back a step and doing some reverse planning and strategizing to figure out your end goal and results. To quote Stephen Covey, Begin with the end in mind.

My end goal for my website and social outposts is to connect with the right audience where I can be of service and take the conversation to a more private setting like email or conversations that help me identify their Bleeding Neck (better known as the 2 am butterflies in the stomach problem) and show them how to get rid of the painful problem and make progress towards their goals.

That’s exactly what’s happening now and I have lots of new ideas on how I can be of service by zeroing in on specific pain points.

I stopped hanging out so much on Facebook and spending time in Groups because the silent assassin FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) was on the scene.

In fact, I consider the new Facebook Algorithm change a blessing. I’m seeing more of what my friends who are scattered all over the world are doing and they can see my updates, especially those that feature the antics of my Furry Muse Miss Coco. My Facebook Page reach has improved and guess what, so has engagement!

I mentioned priorities earlier and there is 1 more lesson that I learned.

It’s about simplifying life and focusing on what really works for you (dodge the Guru bullets and give yourself some credit for knowing what’s best for you) and dumping the rest of the stuff that clutters your schedule.


Are focused on what you are seeing or what you want to see?


Take focused Action now for a simple stress free Life


This week, I invite you to reassess where you are in term of simplifying your life and taking action with this 3 step approach.

You can watch my short video or if you prefer, read on for the steps.

List your top 4 priorities in your life right now. Are your activities in alignment with these priorities? Drop the ones that aren’t and replace them with ones that are.


List 10 things that are draining your energy in your life. Address one a week for the next 10 weeks. Notice the powerful shift in your energy just by doing this.


Ask yourself with each Activity “How can I make this easier and simpler?”  This in turn can lead to a new question – “Can this activity be eliminated completely?”

I’ve been doing this exercise since the beginning of the year and I’m seeing the results.


Are you game to try it? Remember to share your results with me.


PS. If Shiny Objects are playing havoc with your time and budget, get your copy of Cure Shiny Object Syndrome: The Quickest & Easiest Way to Reduce Unnecessary Spending with additional resources and start taking focused action today!


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18 Responses to “3 Steps to Simplify Life with Value Focused Action”

  1. Donna Ward says:

    You are remarkable and your writing is so clear and hits right on target
    Congratulations! On your new ebook and loved the little and fab video
    Thank you so much for this article

  2. Excellent advice. Your 3 steps are right on the money. I’ve used a version of this evaluation for awhile now and it’s been incredibly helpful. When I feel spread too thin, I ask myself if the activity supports or distracts. The answer is usually pretty obvious.
    I particularly like your suggestion of listing ten things draining me. That takes it to a new level and suggests specific actions to take.
    Great article. Thank you.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Bringing our roadblock and time wasting activities to the front for examination compels us to take a call about them and then move onto positive productive action. Delighted you found the post useful, Aprille.

  3. Suzie Cheel says:

    Vatsala I love the video, you have inspired me to add those simple videos to my blogs
    Congrats on your book, something I agree as entrepreneurs we have to continually be conscious of.

    I am going to do you exercise as this is so timely for me , thank you

    I will let you know how I fare. xo

    • Karmic Ally says:

      I’m delighted I’ve inspired you to consider making simple videos, Suzie. It’s a wonderful way to get key points in the blog across to the reader and help them apply the guidance.

      Shiny Objects are a bane for serious professionals and entrepreneurs and it is more important to apply what works rather than stay in limbo with all the certifications, tools and gadgets out there. 🙂

      Looking forward to your exercise feedback.

  4. WOW! I felt like I attended a workshop there was so much content-rich information. I will return later this weekend after all the Thanksgiving meal preparations and celebrations and do what you suggest. Why? I am definitely an Ideapeneur who gets lost with the shiny object syndrome!

  5. Wow, so much great info. Will have to read this one over several times … and take notes! Thanks!

  6. Hi Vatsala,
    First of all Congrats on your most recent kindle publication! Thanks for the reminder to simplify our lives and do what really works for us. As a high achiever I love stretching my comfort zone. That said I’ve recently realized after taking a 4.5 month break from my business that I no longer need to “struggle” and do things again and again based on what the “gurus” recommend. I know that listening to my body and the messages I receive is the best way for me to live my life. In the new incarnation of my business I’ve decided to only focus on things that feel easy and “light me up”. Thanks again!

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Thank you Pamela! Taking time away from work or business does serve as a catalyst for letting go of stuff that doesn’t work and replacing it with better doable actions as well as getting us back in touch with our big Why.

  7. Heather says:

    I lead my life with much self care and compassion as well as self love. I’m always following my instincts on what is most important in life and focus upon it. A long time ago I decided never to push myself. A long time ago my grandmother always told me, it will always be there for you. Sometimes you have to take care of yourself before anything can fall into place.

  8. Andrea says:

    Thanks for this. It’s something I have to come back to, over and over. I was once so anxious to learn anything and everything about online marketing that I signed up for courses and challenges and emails. A ridiculous number of marketers got my email address in return for the latest, greatest download. And, as you describe, these things moved me further and further from productivity.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Newbie entrepreneurs often fall for shiny objects, Andrea, not because they are gullible but because they want to be successful. I’ve made the mistake of investing in courses where the facilitator disappeared shortly after the first module and learned my lessons well. 🙂 I only invest my money and even my time once I have assessed I need guidance and always check the credibility of the service provider.

  9. CK Kochis says:

    FOMO – I love this! YES! I understand that fear of missing out, as well. When I was training to become a certified coach, I signed up for (too many) Facebook groups hoping to find the golden keys to the wisdom. It took me over a year to realize that, in too many cases, those individuals that were selling “their wisdom” to coaches were only marketeers. Their intent was not to coach clients to experience healthier lives or run a sustainable business. I chased after too many shiny objects and dropped several good ideas for the possibility of something prettier and easier (is there such a thing?).

    When my son died in 2017, everything stopped. I’m currently in the stages of picking up various aspects of my previous business model and asking myself, “Do I want to pursue this?” This is a wonderful post and provided me with better questions to ask myself in my quest to gain clarification. Thank you… Your insights are a valued gift.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Welcome to the Club of FOMO Recovery, Cindy. 🙂 I did something similar in the early days and I detail the one Shiny Object that knocked some sense into me in my Kindle Book. I guess its because we want to be our best when we start our own coaching business or any business that we’re passionate about that we open ourselves (and our wallets) to new ideas and quite often they are Shiny Objects.

      I’m saddened about your son’s transition but it has provided you with a base to question what works and what doesn’t. I feel you’ve got your own Angel in Heaven now and things are going to be better.

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