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3 Easy Ideas guaranteed to help avoid December melt-down

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3 easy ideas guaratned to help avoid december meltdown


In the run up to the year-end, things can get pretty stressful, Christmas shopping, tasks and reporting deadlines that have to be completed before the year is out and suddenly you are wondering where the days are going.

If you are struggling to stay on top of your game, then read on for 3 easy ideas to avoid what I call the December melt-down.


Simple Tension Buster Exercise


I use this exercise whenever I feel stress building up. It helps to release muscle tension triggered as a stress response.

• Stand relaxed, arms hanging at sides and feet about one foot apart.

• Tilt head back and hold for five seconds

• Roll head forward and hold for five seconds.

• Curl chest and stomach forward as you bend at the waist; arms dangling for five seconds.

• Inhale slowly through mouth as you straighten up. Raise arms overhead; drop arms slowly to sides as you exhale slowly though your mouth.

If you feel you need support, drop me a line at http://karmicallycoaching.com/connect and let us see how we can work together to get that stress under control.


The Social Law of Community Support


Social law of community support


Social support is a well recognized way for people to deal with stress. Social support can take the form of informal  groups such as young mothers who meet up to share their problems and get support from other mothers who are either also going through the experience or are a few steps ahead in dealing with newborns.

It can also be a more formal group of small business owners and study circles to name a few. Social support is a two-way method where you can receive but also give!

Some ideas to increase social support for yourself and others:

Join a club or group with similar interests to your own.

Make a coffee or lunch date to do meet up with a friend or colleague who can motivate and support you and vice versa.

Speak kind words to family and friends—those we love most are often those we treat the worst.

Practice being a good listener. Strive to be “other centered”

Drop a line to someone you have not been in touch with and reconnect. Let them know they are not forgotten even if you have been out of touch.


Time Tackle Tips

When time is in short supply, stress seems to grow and lately, I’ve been seeing a spurt of articles in newspapers about stress and stress management and lots of posts about productivity and time management. Focus seems to be the in word.

Focus is indeed important and if you are in a situation where you need to multi-task, make sure you pick up my tips on how to do it effectively.

If time is becoming a stressful issue for you, do check out my Time Management posts, especially the most recent ones where I have shared 3 alternative time management methods and pick up some additional tips from my book Eight tested Commandments for Time Management.

Time commandments ebook cover

Now its your turn. Knowledge and experience becomes tenfold when shared.

Do you have any special tips for handling December melt-downs? 


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Photo Credit : Pop-Art by Piotr Siedlecki

Written by Vatsala Shukla


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4 Responses to “3 Easy Ideas guaranteed to help avoid December melt-down”

  1. Sue Kearney says:

    In the Social Support section, you’re talking a lot about one of my go-to ways to settle down when things get stressful. And that’s being generous. Taking time to do something for someone else. Paying it forward in social media.

    Game changer, I promise. Try it.

    Generosity, combined with a commitment to gratitude, combats to soothe and heal thoughts about beliefs you might be carrying around regarding deprivation and entitlement. I have proved to myself time and again that deprivation and gratitude can’t co-exist, and neither can entitlement and generosity.

    Blessed be.
    Solstice blessings.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      I’m with you on this, Sue. There’s an Arabic saying – I used to cry I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.

      Being grateful for all that is good in our life and reaching out to help those who need a supportive shoulder is what being a good human being is all about.

  2. Joyce Hansen says:

    There’s something about hot chocolate that I always find soothing. Or chocolate, in general, will do. I agree with you about the breathing exercises. They are key to getting more oxygen to the brain and circulating throughout your body for a quick release of stress and tension. Also, by engaging in activities, especially those where you are helping others, is a great mind shift away from focusing on your own problems and feeling of sadness. This should be handed out as a holiday prescription every year.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Breath work is one of my favorite ways to manage stress, Joyce, and it works fast. I realized the true value of social support back in 2003 when I was working for KPMG in Jamaica and found myself facing the prospect of a lonely Christmas Day. The fact that it was my nephew’s 2nd birthday the next day didn’t make it better. I was only 6 months in the country and had not yet made friends who would invite me over.

      On Christmas Eve I got a call from a colleague’s boyfriend inviting me to a Christmas lunch with his family. My colleague was travelling and they had wanted to do something nice for me and give me an experience to remember. Then my HR Manager called and invited me for an early drink!

      The day went by well and I knew I was being honored because Christmas in Jamaica is a family event. What brought tears to my eyes was learning later that my fellow Managers at work had been concerned about how I would get through the festive season and they had planned it for me without my knowing it!

      I always try to pass the kindness forward.

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