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10 Powerful Tips Guaranteed to Help Achieve Important Goals

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Do you find it difficult to overcome obstacles to your life-goals?

The reason I’m asking this question is because quite often when I speak to people about what stopped them from achieving a goal that was important for them, whether it’s one related to their career, business or life, I’m told about all the obstacles that they found along the way that made them give up.

For sure we hit roadblocks and hurdles but that doesn’t grant us a permission slip to drop the goal unless the goal that we set fulfills 2 criteria

First, it was the wrong goal for us at that moment of time.

For example deciding to go on a diet when we know it’s the peak season at work and deadlines have to be met at the peril of losing our job. That’s the time when our eating and exercising habits can go haywire and we might not be in a position to cope. Timing matters.

Secondly, if our motivation level isn’t high enough; in other words, on a scale of 1 to 10, you aren’t on at least and 8.


What if motivation is high and the time is right and yet, we’re struggling?


Based on my observations (including my own habits) there’s usually an issue of mindset, strategy and tactics that need to be addressed.

I have covered that in my ebook Goal Achievement Simplified: When Your Actions Give Results and this week, my post is an extract from that ebook to give the reader insights of areas that they might need to address first in order to get their goal in the box.

Here 10 tips that can give you the power to overcome the road blocks that keep you from reaching for the stars.


1. Identify Your Rationale. In order for your goal to be backed up with motivation, you must take to heart its significance to you. Identify the purpose of your goal. Point out its benefits and its would-be results in your life.

2. Make SMART Goals. Following from identifying the rationale, make sure that the goals are SMART – specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic and time bound. Goal achievement requires accountability to yourself and being clear about what you want, how much you want, what you are willing to do, how realistic your goal is and by when do you want to achieve the goal. Otherwise your goal will be nothing less than wishful thinking.

3. Do a personal SWOT analysis. Before moving ahead with your goal planning, do a personal SWOT analysis. Have an honest look at what internal and external factors can affect the success or failure of your goal success. Internal factors would include strengths and weaknesses while external factors would include opportunities and threats. For example, a person trying to lose weight analyses the following factors – strength: willpower, weakness: finds chocolates tempting, opportunities: a new aerobics class is starting which one can enroll in for exercise to burn calories and threats: weekly office outing to a restaurant where one can eat all one can.   

4. Plan Your Goals. One of the main reasons why goals fail is that there is no detailed plan to accomplish the goal. Set a plan for each step that you will take in accomplishing your goal. As you progress through each step, if there is a need to, modify your plan by adding or deleting details. Consider making two plans, if one proves to be impractical; there is another plan to fall back on.

5. Maintain your Focus. Stick to your plan to the letter. Be consistent in the path that you take. Keep your energy flowing towards that direction. Be aware if plan A is failing and move into plan B to continue forward movement.


While striving to achieve goals, make gratitude a mindset ritual


6. Avoid losing momentum. Whatever happens, do not stop working on your plan. As much as possible, do not be contented with what you currently have. Start with what you have at hand and work from there.

7. Monitor yourself. Always ask yourself if there is something else you can do. Find out if there are still alternatives you can think of. Ask yourself if there is something else you need to know. Look at your plan in different angles. Keep a weekly chart or diary of your mini achievements to keep up your motivation. Note the setbacks and think, how they can be avoided in future.  

8. Keep in mind that no idea is insignificant. Good ideas suddenly pop up then just burst like bubbles. Jot them down as soon as they come to mind. Have a notebook handy to write down these details when they pop up. This is a good way to prevent these details from being lost.

9. Always think positive. Be conscious about what you say and think. Lay aside your doubts. Despite the obstacles you encounter, believe that your goal is attainable. Affirm yourself at all times, with words of positivity and hope. A positive mindset is very important in the attainment of your goals. Visualize the achievement of the goal and how you would feel at that point to spur you into continuing action.

10. Fuel your Goals with Gratitude. To keep your spirits high, be thankful for having these goals. Goals give direction and guidelines by which you live your life. Goals nourish one’s being. Being appreciative of your goals strengthens your foresight and keeps you humble and open-minded. It empowers your motivation and willpower and makes even the smallest task meaningful. In all your undertakings, learn to practice gratitude.

Following these empowerment tips push you on your way to achieving your goals. Take these to heart, and jump start your journey to goal-getting today! Remember to celebrate each and every step of the journey!

What strategies, tactics or mindset management activities do you utilize to achieve your goals?

If you want to make sure that you really get your goals done, then my Kindle book is a good solution. Because I want you to achieve your potential, there is a toolkit of resources to supplement the ideas in the book – for free. Do drop by Amazon for more information. 

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9 Responses to “10 Powerful Tips Guaranteed to Help Achieve Important Goals”

  1. Suzie Cheel says:

    Interesting to read this as i have just started working in a new way doing what feels good- i do have a daily 4 must do things and since i started this i have achieved so much more with joy . I have my clear vision and my money goals, with my direction for me biz. I am so big on thinking positive. It is how i have healed myself from serious illess and more . thanks xxx

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Awesome Suzie! We often ignore our greatest ally for goal achievement- out mindset. Thinking positively makes such a difference. To your success!

  2. Really enjoyed the 10 powerful tips you gave. Interestingly, the one that stands out most for me is #10 – Fuel Your Goals with Gratitude.” Being thankful that we have the opportunity to set goals. That is huge, especially when I consider that in many parts o the world, people do not have this option. They have to work on other people’s goals. That puts a different perspective on the whole goal-setting and goal-achievement.

    You also enumerated many benefits from this activity. Fantastic reminders! Thank you.

    • Karmic Ally says:

      Gratitude is the secret sauce to keep the momentum going, Yvonne. You are right about some people having no option but to work on other people’s goals. Hopefully they do nurture a secret goal to someday be able to have their own goals to work towards.

  3. Sue Kearney says:

    Thanks, Vatsala! I really like the addition of connecting to gratitude even for having the goals! That’s lovely, because for me it adds the opening to grace and ease.

    I also was struck by how easily those thoughts slip away. I carry a notepad and my phone, and can capture an idea in a note on either device. When I don’t, in the moment of the idea, I 99% of the time regret it because even though I’m sure in the moment that I’ll remember, I rarely do!

    • Sue Kearney says:

      Oh, and I love the “which comes first?” question too!

    • Karmic Ally says:

      The habit of practicing gratitude raises our vibrations, Sue, and its potential uses aren’t limited to law of attraction. When we acknowledge how far we’ve come it gives us the right mindset to go the distance to achieve our goal. I keep a small diary with me too – ideas come and float away and we don’t want that!

  4. Vanita says:

    Thanks, Vatsala, this was indeed very helpful!

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